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Before the doctor is willing to add the phrase "apparently healthy," he scrutinizes the patient's skin.
Here I highlighted the bit that you apparently missed.
This was apparently the usage as early as the 16th century.
He apparently sued over debts as small as two shillings.
The scholar apparently had many professional contacts but few close friends.
Everyone agrees that classroom size is important, but no one apparently wants to undertake any measures to remedy the situation.
He had an attractive, talented wife who apparently adored him.
They apparently came to this agreement together so she must know something.
The general apparently suggested that authorisation for this came from above.
Species very closely allied to other species apparently have restricted ranges.
Apparently this is supposed to eliminate a lot of unwanted growth and make it easier to harvest our bounty.
And it can apparently happen again when you travel with a bottle, getting it all shook up.
Apparently, big red wines can take as long as three years.
Apparently trampling newly sown seed produces happy carrots.
He said that she was untouched, so apparently no predator killed her.
University officials said he apparently died in his sleep.
Apparently that means nobody knows yet what's wrong.
Felines apparently carry a defect in a gene that encodes part of the mammalian sweet taste receptor.
In the case of one mile-wide space rock recently reported to be on a collision course with our planet, apparently not at all.
The colors of some liquids apparently depend on how much of them you're seeing.
She is awake yet apparently unaware of anything going on in the hospital room around her.
Researchers can apparently obtain funding without such strict accountability.
Apparently they appreciated the challenge, for there was not a cross word about it.
Apparently, someone at the investment firm leaked the video, and it was posted online.
The anticipation of pleasure apparently affected a player's eagerness to punish.
But when they get close they turn away from our heads and dive for our feet-apparently their preferred snack spot.
Instead, people apparently acquire the mutation at some point in their lives.
The inhabitants apparently left abruptly, without carrying away valuable goods such as pottery or baskets.
Diabetes registered a big increase in mortality rates, apparently resulting from the growing trend to obesity.
Apparently, the reachers envisioned themselves creating a worthwhile study but failed miserably.
The brain is missing--apparently removed through the nose in what was a common embalming procedure.
The manuscript probably dates from the eleventh century and is, apparently, written throughout by one and the same hand.
To be sure, manners seem to have grown lax, and many of the amenities apparently have vanished.
Careful observers of the art of writing will see how much shrewd skill there is in the apparently unstudied manner.
Do not be too apparently clever if you would be popular.
The etiquette of this sort of a party is so apparently lacking that its inclusion perhaps seems out of place.
Though apparently it means submission to a beneficent law, in reality the sign is a heartless, cruel joke.
Apparently the drink was the only memorable thing about the place.
What's more, the tiny organisms' feeding habits apparently give the falls their shocking color.
Later it was revealed that, though this tribe apparently is truly uncontacted, authorities have known about it for decades.
After being shot at twice, but apparently unhit, the croc dropped the arm.
Tragically the novelty of the sight apparently stoked the curiosity of the people who ran out onto the exposed seafloor.
Apparently no other lake mammals or birds have been affected.
Many diagnoses of brown recluse spider bites come from areas apparently outside of the brown recluse's habitat.
Apparently, promotion doesn't come with a raise at my community college.
Apparently not all teenagers are the cachet-seeking consumers of popular imagination.
Teaching may not pay much, but apparently teacher education does.
But recently, some members apparently forgot the middle part of that maxim.
He was apparently claimed by dilated cardiomyopathy, a weakened, enlarged heart.
Apparently, it has caused quite a few comments from people who support this idea and those who are deeply offended by it.
She's hoping to tweak that list, but apparently she can't submit a list of appropriate subject headings.
The majority of the current faculty disagree, apparently.
Apparently, it has been fifteen times in the last year.
Apparently, the school lacks a procedure for such complaints.
Leary apparently left the hospital and committed suicide.
Apparently such certification does not exist, but that doesn't stop you from requiring it.
No one was injured in the arson, in which a small fire bomb was apparently pushed through the house's mail slot.
Nomura apparently neglected to inform them of its impending announcement.
The various pollsters, for example, apparently left it to respondents to define what they meant by torture.
Apparently not: research shows that newspapers have little impact on their readers' votes.
His distrust of funds of hedge funds, which channel investors' money to a portfolio of managers, is apparently shared.
It is a compelling argument, but apparently not an accurate one.
It would, apparently, all depend on conditions on the ground.
None too shabby, but it left room for improvement, apparently.
Unlike previous decisions to raise the threat level, this one was apparently unanimous.
Apparently people were shocked by the applause here.
Even universities, apparently, were interested in what she could do.
Immediately afterward the recorder began to fail intermittently, apparently because of electrical-power interruptions.
He apparently felt relaxed in the company of seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds.
Apple snails are apparently a particular menace in rice paddies.
The wide variance in water costs between cities and agriculture apparently bears explanation yet again.
Later in life, those kids don't process setbacks in a normal way, apparently.
Apparently the kind of sugar added to a food or drink has a strong effect not only on flavor but also on health.
Today, medical knowledge has grown, and conception and childbearing are apparently less mysterious than they once were.
But apparently all the old genre needed was a new kitchen-sink configuration to breathe new life into it.
It is my year, apparently, to go on a meatball spree.
And things are apparently also getting pretty hot down on the casino floor.
Apparently it's an event here when the bags arrive with their owners.
Apparently this video has been making the rounds for the past few years.
Apparently dinosaur poo was a regularly-used resource by many species of snail.
Apparently the real thing is much more tame than the film version.
What the neighbors thought is apparently not recorded.
Many environmental factors influence the oils that a flower produces-and one of those factors is apparently gravity.
Apparently the fruit's sweet, creamy center is a treasure worth pursuing if you can bear the stink and get past the spiky husk.
For someone who apparently loved birds, you have to admit this was a pretty daft plan.
Apparently they've learned that the bread people toss to ducks and other waterfowl also attracts fish.
But its subject matter, apparently, is still disappearing.
The vinegar-and-ginger concoction apparently elicited mixed reviews.
Our waiter fit the stereotype-handlebar moustache, long white apron wrapped around a portly waist-and apparently so did we.
Even an apparently innocuous miso soup had one bobbing cheekily to the surface.
They apparently don't know what they're supposed to know.
These strings are debug symbol file paths in source code that has apparently been custom-written for these attacks.
So, apparently the aluminum battery isn't rechargeable.
Apparently not, he says, but that doesn't rule out its presence.
It's the presence or absence of this information that makes buyers confident in a product, apparently.
Apparently, they realized that the best way to create these shapes was by using stereolithography.
But the team found a way to expose the spike's neck, which apparently does not mutate, and picked antibodies that clamped onto it.
In some cases, however, the industry apparently looks the other way.
The initial energy is presumably diffused through a primary function, but this apparently allows the by-products to be utilised.
Adding these apparently simple touches of humanity does appear to influence how people interact with the program.
The recovered lithium salts apparently have little value compared to other types of metals used in batteries.
Publishers are apparently grumbling that such a service might damage their business, devaluing books.
The satellite's orientation or configuration apparently has changed, and that is now slowing its descent.
Apparently protein folding problems also use little data and involve a search over a large space.
Anyone can think of ways of apparently avoiding this conclusion.
It was apparently uncoordinated, but it was large scale, and the leadership was plainly concerned.
Apparently the national media is reporting that scientific genealogy may result in leads to a cold case.
He died before his note was discovered, his proof apparently unwritten.
Apparently, someone took too long to get out of a parking space he wanted.
Apparently, the deer had browsed the plants to near eradication.
The cult's founder apparently believed that the universe was a giant computer.
That's a bit weird, but apparently more common than previously thought.
The images in the cave are mainly cows painted with big udders, apparently to symbolize fertility.
Before it died, the convulsing star apparently shed its gaseous aura, which then lit up after the explosion.
The world had achieved peace, at a price, and the price had been so apparently cheap.
The church was apparently converted into a fortress as a last-ditch effort at protection.
They apparently lack the biological wattage to shut down their startle response, and they are more prone to depression.
The monitor signal shows that many more atoms remain excited--apparently because spontaneous emission has been inhibited.
Kate has been seen food shopping at the local supermarket, apparently buying ingredients to make a pie from scratch.
The irony surrounding his support for the chief executive and his own current state of affairs is apparently lost on him.
Apparently, she has been suffering from anxiety and stomach aches.
The personal challenges vary wildly in relative difficulty, apparently.
Apparently, that old prejudices and insecurities have not entirely disappeared from our society.
Apparently they managed to invent the ball but somehow missed the wheel.

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