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In preparation for the real thing, vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies to an apparent threat.
The memories are too real for that, the significance of them too apparent.
He died last month at the age of 42 of an apparent heart attack.
The new shape of cities is instantly apparent: so-called edge cities surround the central one.
The consequences of burning fossil fuels are already apparent.
Very simply, parallax is an apparent motion of an object due to a change in observation position.
No apparent link emerges between education and language proficiency.
The studies widen our view of these birds, which evade enemies with apparent cunning.
The sense of control had the apparent effect on physical health and well-being.
But the effect on fish there has only become apparent in the last dozen years.
The Web site is rife with misspellings, creative grammar, and apparent untruths.
In summer 2000, the celebrity appeal became apparent.
The fragility of this natural wonder is apparent: large fragments from recently collapsed cliffs lie at the base of rock faces.
Shivering in apparent fear, they refuse to lift their heads or talk.
Of course, if you get an interview your age will be apparent.
Upon finally calling the meeting to order, he would amble through the subject matter with no apparent objective.
It should be apparent that college should be about more than vocational training for professional and higher paying jobs.
Whatever impact that may have would be apparent from the syllabus that the student now can't claim not to have received.
Neither has the nature of their apparent link to lightning formation, about which many long-standing mysteries remain.
Suddenly a fox-acting strangely aggressive for no apparent reason-burst out of the nearby woods and headed straight for the kids.
Have students suggest reasons for the variability in both of these figures and for the apparent relationship between them.
In the course of a year, the sun's apparent path through the sky lies in this plane.
Perhaps nowhere is this pattern more apparent than among the largest freshwater fish.
Climate change has made itself apparent in other powerful ways over the past decade.
But now two potentially fatal flaws are apparent: a hole in the aorta and another in the heart.
When the lung collapses or when air or fluid collects between the two layers the cavity becomes apparent.
The area of attachment of a cranial nerve to the surface of the brain is termed its superficial or apparent origin.
It is equally apparent, contrary to popular opinion, that extravagance of expenditure is growing less and less.
If the latter defect may be traced in his intellectual work, it is still more apparent in his practical activity.
The lack of it is apparent in every paragraph describing that fascinating settlement.
By the time he was a month old, the necessity of giving him a name became apparent.
Unbelievably, the surgery has no apparent effect on personality or memory.
And why music with no apparent meaning is still stimulating or music also stimulates babies.
The spatial distribution of stars in elliptical galaxies apparent to the observer is much more dispersed.
Even the judiciary can make errors, as is apparent in this article.
It shows that context, such as the shape of the eyelids and face, affects the apparent distance between the irises.
Dissent, contrary to your apparent impression, is quite welcome in the sciences.
It is apparent to me that you do not suffer from any chronic medical conditions or from any catastrophic medical illness.
The changeover will take some time, but if the financial benefit to municipalities is readily apparent, it will happen eventually.
Population decline will become more apparent further down the road.
His material was uncompromisingly to his own taste, filled with wild tirades about apparent trivialities.
Toward the end of the school year, it became apparent that several seniors were deadlocked in the race to become valedictorian.
The terms of the tricks were apparent: she did them for treats.
Perhaps nowhere have these issues been so apparent, however, as in the arena of mammography.
Now the emergency is over, the full horror of a banking system that is too big to fail is becoming ever more apparent.
Eleven workers were lost, and several days later it became apparent that the well underneath had begun to leak.
At home, the impact of the insurers' new strategies is already apparent.
The school has a keen interest in action-learning techniques and this is apparent in degree and executive courses.
All are minding their manners, and yet tensions are apparent.
So this apparent piece of myopia might be quite rational after all.
More striking still is an apparent change in the thinking that underpins the commission's decisions.
The benefits of aspirin were also apparent many years after the trials had ended.
The environmental impact, however, is already apparent.
These political sensitivities are apparent even in the pioneering cities.
Success, if it comes, is often apparent only after decades.
He acquired it with loans for which his main apparent collateral was his official connections.
Acts of apparent altruism to non-relatives can also be explained away, in what has become a cottage industry within biology.
But others will see their apparent return on capital plunge.
Motion parallax is the apparent change in position of an object, depending on the distance from which you view it.
So the dispersant's apparent persistence in the new paper is somewhat unexpected.
The switch to a puree is likely more apparent to the nose than to the tongue.
But every apparent step forward is, more often than not, reversed soon thereafter.
These photographs are often meant to be lingered over, letting the details become apparent.
It's also another reason why fiction is a wonderful way to write about a place, because what's going on is not always apparent.
Looking at a portable communication device, it's not immediately apparent why it would come to be called a cellular phone.
Many paper manufacturers add fluorescent chemicals to enhance the apparent brightness and whiteness of their products.
It nuzzles its head against its owner's cheek in an apparent display of affection.
Their main argument rests on the apparent complexity of the brain.
He too seems to me to be searching for simplicity underlying the apparent complexity of nature.
After the intensity of public opinion became apparent, the bill was withdrawn.
But it is now apparent that these programs were not sufficient to create the conditions for a full economic recovery.
Both apparent cause and apparent effect could be symptoms of a deeper cause.
With the apparent acceptance of torture, the inversions of euphemism began to be extended to grammar as well as diction.
Once the need became apparent, the second choice was axiomatic.
The birds' apparent knowledge of their local pattern could indeed be keeping the different populations of frogs from mixing.
With respect to the concept of inflation to explain the apparent uniformity of the universe, there is an alternate explanation.
Done properly, he said, size differences became apparent--and meaningful.
Especially early on, the ceremony seems impenetrably foreign, but its meaning becomes more apparent as the night progresses.
Or what is so apparent for me is to difficult to see for you because your believes, what you were taught.
During their short stay, the detectives were welcomed without hostility or apparent suspicion.
During the upcoming week, hidden emotional issues may become apparent.
Still, this much seems apparent--if you want to find mold, the only place that may rival a refrigerator is a library.
As police investigated the scene, apparent relatives of the victims arrived and showed their grief.
What's more apparent is that he has no concept of what money means to people.

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