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Wearing apparel includes any costume or article of clothing that people wear.
Clothing with the permanent-press treatment usually costs more, 50 cents to $1 more, than comparable apparel made without it.
Clothing makers are using synthetic materials like microfibers to make winter apparel warm without being bulky.
He donned the apparel as a macho man up for a dare.
The origins of that particular piece of apparel are certainly interesting.
Incidentally, dress codes in every society is a function of local living conditions and available material for making apparel.
He got into the apparel business after being laid off as a teacher.
Nevertheless, in the long run the prospects for low-value-added apparel do not appear good.
All this sameness is a big problem for the apparel business.
Leggings made from denim and Lycra are a bright spot in the apparel industry this holiday.
In the past, most gymnasts' long-term endorsement opportunities have been largely limited to gymnastics apparel and equipment.
Seeing if he had them, he should not be the better wrapped or covered from cold, neither in his apparel any whit the comelier.
Our apparel and attire suggest to him a chapter of fine invective.
Makers of labour-intensive goods, such as apparel and toys, find that they are no longer under pressure to move away.
Even the huge apparel industry was split into so many competing units that its influence over the rest of the city was slight.
His festive apparel seemed only to accentuate his hostility.
In this recession, there are struggling apparel retailers all across the country.
For avid travelers, the store also offers a travel line that ranges from casual apparel to adventurous expedition gear.
Apparel and tchotchkes of every type celebrating the great event are everywhere.
Of course, this top-tier shoe haven is also home to a wide range of prime apparel.
Roll up your clothes for efficient packing and to help keep apparel wrinkle-free.
But now you can really design almost any type of apparel, food or shoe on a growing number of websites.
Apparel manufacturers are primarily engaged in the design, cutting and sewing of garments from fabric.
The standard applies to all textiles used in adult and children's wearing apparel.

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