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They possess no nervous system or breathing apparatus, nor do they have limbs or the capacity to move.
The hook at the end of the stick was particularly well adapted to serve the purpose of a life-saving apparatus.
Now I want to know what a scholarly apparatus is.
The apparatus also makes use of a wide network of informers.
Scientists have reported that by bombarding a liquid with sound they were able to produce nuclear fusion in a tabletop apparatus.
Youngsters learn more when they design and build the apparatus they need for experiment.
Most of the complication comes in the footnotes, where both comment and critical apparatus are offered in abundance.
The only hope for workers is then to take control of the political apparatus.
Yet the pervasiveness and lack of accountability of the security apparatus has had a smothering effect.
And an effective intelligence apparatus would make all of them obsolete.
Experience in the engineering design of experimental apparatus and knowledge of electro-mechanical devices are desirable.
Conversely, the same apparatus can act as a directional receiver to precisely locate radio emitters.
The widely-used apparatus helped users with multiplication, division and other calculations.
Now, it is certainly true that editors these days tend to take a minimalist approach to the scholarly apparatus.
While his books don't come with much scholarly apparatus, they have made him something of a legend among folklorists.
Where they deviate is in details-word choice, section breaks, and punctuation-and in ambition and apparatus.
Argues that medicine has become a social apparatus for the control of the dying.
Because her conceptual apparatus has no way of making relevant distinctions between the narcissist and the virtuous self-lover.
On the moon, the compound could be converted for use in breathing apparatus and for producing power sources such as rocket fuel.
The fish open their mouths by lifting their heads and lowering an apparatus that holds the tongue.
The noise you hear is one of the tigers off-camera inspecting the apparatus.
Thought and knowledge are natures in which apparatus and pretension avail nothing.
The education of the laborer's children need never stop for want of books and apparatus.
All three activities of our psychic apparatus derive pleasure from economy.
Leon demonstrated his apparatus for testing the circuitry.
The paper ballots to be used tomorrow are a reminder of the voting apparatus that preceded the lever machines-the ballot box.
Some predict the media apparatus will simply move on to the next high-profile case.
The area features toys, games, a climbing apparatus and even a tiny replica kitchen.
The jumper wears a harness that connects to two-side bungees on the apparatus.
The best snorkel has notches at the top that allow water to drain out so the breathing apparatus is not filled.
If the weather mandates, there's an indoor play area with slides and climbing apparatus for toddlers through teens.
Leading her to a table, he pressed a switch connected to an elaborate apparatus that produced a spark and a snapping sound.
It has nothing to do with the speed of the apparatus in which charges are accelerated.
To hear the lower frequencies, they evolved an ever larger apparatus in the middle ear.
He'd delayed because at first he thought he needed a working apparatus to apply.
Some new invention or apparatus is developed there every little while, and the world wonders at the ingenuity of the device.
Because cryptology is largely theoretical and does not require costly apparatus, there are few barriers to entering the field.
Small wonder that bathtubs and heating systems and similar apparatus play such a large part in his conception of the good life.
There is no reason to think that the national security apparatus will identify those insights on its own.
He will not have to spend half his term getting acquainted with the apparatus he is to manage.
These books are invariably long and dense, closely argued, and held in shape by a corset of scholarly apparatus.
They banged his head onto the foot holding apparatus.
Tobacco seems to be a direct stimulant to the salivary apparatus.
He was not all that well-served by the apparatus at that point, or since.
We don't devote long speeches to the people who plate the needles needed for blood transfusion apparatus.
The problem is that existing apparatus for measuring density tend to be either precise or portable.
Nobody doubts that governments have tinkered with the apparatus of trade policy, and tinkered quite a lot.
But they were so energetic that they immediately bumped into the walls of the experimental apparatus and were annihilated.
The vacuum stopped the apparatus losing heat by convection.
It have been done through involuntary implanted small device similar to hearing apparatus, controlled wireless with their network.
As part of an expansion of the security apparatus, traffic cops have become more visible.
Moreover, the only electricity needed is the small amount required to pump the streams of water through the apparatus.
As well as killing or imprisoning opponents, it started to co-opt them into the ruling apparatus.
There was a one-party state, a muzzled media and judiciary, and an oppressive security apparatus.
The ragged rank and file have replaced the previous state-security apparatus.
While he did this, his apparatus measured the level of sweat on the volunteer's skin.
The inset shows the actual apparatus, in which the laser beam appears green.
In scant milliseconds, the brain coordinates our speech apparatus so that it makes all the appropriate sounds.
Scientists have attempted to overcome the acoustic diffraction limit before, but not using such everyday apparatus.
They use their powerful chewing apparatus to crunch through the shells.
Today a graduate student can achieve similar results with a simple apparatus using optical frequency combs.
The group's apparatus is not the first to harness quantum effects to produce random bits-some are already commercially available.
If it enters one cell, the dynamite will explode, and the apparatus will be blown to bits.
Their decision-making apparatus literally becomes exhausted and sometimes doesn't work in their own best interests.
Surprisingly little is known about the legal apparatus that has enabled and structured the occupation.
Gross electoral fraud by the ruling party has deprived the entire political apparatus of legitimacy.
The apparatus of the book might seem, in the narrow context of academic journals and monographs, to be limited.
They could not have said differently, for the strike rejected the formal apparatus of representative democracy.
Even the simplest-looking apparatus can turn out to be surprisingly complex.
The cell's normal repair apparatus then finishes the job.
To speak, you've got to have precise motor control over your vocal apparatus.
There is something fundamental about our ability to produce and recognize sounds using our vocal apparatus.
But the males would need the anatomic apparatus to carry food back to be shared in the first place.
To accommodate such a razor-sharp smell apparatus, the modern mammals have huge olfactory bulbs in their brains.
If you were to go to the trouble of measuring the state of your apparatus, you'd find another level of entanglement.
The collapse of wave-function is a real process caused by the interactions by the measurement apparatus.
Fire department apparatus come in various forms to accomplish a variety of duties.
The liquid was cleaned up by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and rubber gloves and boots.
The entire apparatus required two years of scrupulous preparation.
The credibility and trust in the country's financial apparatus and regulatory structure is at stake.

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