appallingly in a sentence

Example sentences for appallingly

It's a weird, completely unnecessary show, and it's appallingly entertaining.
The state competency requirements that aspiring teachers must meet are appallingly low.
Depending on one's stance in the gun debate, the application process is either too stringent or appallingly easy.
They are also in many instances extremely funny, if appallingly so.
He can be genuinely sweet and then appallingly offensive.
Yes, school reform is needed to address the sometimes appallingly poor levels of school achievement.
Yet such funds do appallingly when things turn bad, as they did in the second half of last year.
Given the appallingly slow and degraded system in place at the moment, it makes perfect sense.
There is indeed something thrilling about the purity of their celebrity-so clean and untainted, unearned but not appallingly so.
What an appallingly inhuman comment to come from a doctor.
They discover instead that they will be treated as appendages of a system appallingly out of balance.
The latter is meant to be appallingly commercial when he protests that this movie won't work.
All of these debates have been appallingly shallow and uninformative.
They're really appallingly good, and so is their picture.

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How ignorant we are! How ignorant everyone is! We can cut across only a small area of the appallingly expan... more
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