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Example sentences for appalling

This statistic has appalling implications.
Your behaviour is appalling.
The real literacy rate in this country is appalling.
The level of knowledge and sophistication is, with all due respect, appalling.
It is appalling that something like this isn't on the front cover of newspapers or plastered over the airwaves.
Many colleges cite lack of money and poor student preparation as an excuse for appalling failure rates.
The lack of grammar checking is appalling.
As an adolescent he was afflicted with an appalling stammer, and he still struggles occasionally with its residue.
They make an appalling noise, but a unique one, and it's something to savor.
Attempts to stifle freedom of speech are an appalling reflection on the country music establishment.
It's appalling to think that an animal would have to die because he wants to be friends with us.
Intensely loyal to friends and colleagues, he was capable of appalling temper outbursts.
What is appalling to this old cowboy is how a guy can be dead and they can reconstruct who he was.
Imprisoned there in appalling conditions, more than half died.
The survivors were so stunned with the appalling disaster that few could do anything for themselves or others.
The danger to which these fiends expose their fellow-tenants is appalling.
Never had the proportions of his ignorance looked so appalling.
Some of the sentences are simply appalling, from our point of view-but they serve their purpose.
His situation, if taken seriously, was too appalling to face.
There was something in the moody and dogged silence of this pertinacious companion, that was mysterious and appalling.
It is appalling that you recommend a world without fish.
Yet the worldwide ignorance of and disdain for science, mathematics and precise thinking in general is appalling.
The arrogance of science is appalling and counter productive.
Then it was cold fusion, the appalling studies of the use of cell phones in cars.
But the bottom line is that this is really appalling.
For whoever who has left this original comment, the high degree of thoughtlessness is appalling.
What had seemed to be a series of isolated incidents was becoming an appalling trend.
The total number of these accidents is almost appalling.
On one thing, everyone agrees: the consequences of a big earthquake would be appalling.
The problem they set out to fix was the appalling lack of proper medical care for premature babies in poor countries.
The claim and counter-claim is characteristic of a war has been marked by appalling human-rights abuses by both sides.
It took another six days of fierce fighting and appalling bloodshed before he was captured.
Another manager recalls appalling conditions at a juice factory that led, mercifully, to closure.
Humans are the ultimate invasive species with an appalling record of exploitation and destruction.
The animals are then neglected, and left in pretty appalling conditions.
Obviously its appalling behavior, but it doesn't really rise to the level of academic dishonesty.
Your attempt to chide others into silence by representing your own callousness and cowardice as graciousness is appalling.
Unfortunately, this gives way all too soon to dusty suburbs of corrugated-tin slums and appalling poverty.
The scene was empty, yet alive with possibilities for appalling drama.
They contain appalling lapses of tone and they are full of strange, often disagreeable obsessions.
It turns out to embody something appalling and widespread in the culture.
If proof of that were needed, it would be abundantly there in the appalling state of hostilities that now prevails in the region.

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