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Example sentences for apotheosis

Not blues, not hymnlike spiritual, no feeling of apotheosis — just jazz.
His apotheosis, it now seems, has led only to agony.
He would be no ordinary king: he would be a savior king, the apotheosis of all kingly, godly qualities.
The catwalk fashion show with its incandescent hype is its apotheosis.
Survive your apotheosis into art, and you risk being sidelined by history.
This is a horror fan's apotheosis.
The two evening outfits represented the apotheosis of pants dressing.
This movement recapitulation leads into the golden apotheosis.
The last gallery documents his apotheosis as artist to the rich and famous.
His brief life reached an apotheosis here.
Bush represents the apotheosis, and perhaps the demise, of politics as war by other means.
It is its own contradiction, parody and apotheosis, especially in its architecture.
But what was really going on was the apotheosis of amorality and lawlessness.

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