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Example sentences for apothecary

Singh, a sidewalk apothecary promotes medical concoctions derived from trees.
The service station had them in a big glass apothecary jar and they cost a dime.
You find yourself in a turn-of-the-last-century town with a trolley and an apothecary and a barber shop.
You see a carefully composed vignette that includes a bench, a lamp, an apothecary cabinet and framed artworks.
Customers often sniff the merchandise in the shop, which looks like an apothecary with its wood shelves and glass jars.
All around us the forest had the pleasantly dense balms-and-aloe smell of a medieval apothecary.
They value a philosopher as they value an apothecary.
It has a clean, almost apothecary spareness, with lots of sharp angles and galvanized steel and slate.
Turn a jettisoned apothecary cabinet into a bathroom vanity.

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