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Example sentences for apostasy

He was a youngish up-and-comer then, but physics rarely forgives apostasy.
There were wrathful denunciations of this apostasy.
Now he wants to make drilling safer — apostasy to these industry apologists.
If this reads like an apostasy, it also looks like part of a larger withering of faith.
Most politicians and policy makers still regard the abandonment of anti-drug laws as dangerous apostasy.
The government gets tough on apostasy.
He was found guilty of blasphemy and apostasy by a trial court in October and was sentenced to two years in prison.
It is socialism and as I've said it is an act of apostasy.
Such talk sounds like apostasy.
It was considered as an indication of political apostasy.
On the y-axis you see the responses to amputation and apostasy.
The idea of being fat and fit is nothing short of apostasy.
No civil laws specifically targeting blasphemy, apostasy, or proselytizing.
Conversion is not illegal under civil law, and apostasy is not a criminal offense.
There are laws against blasphemy, apostasy, and proselytizing.
The shock wave of excommunications for apostasy because of the proclamation was swift in coming.

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The wonder of light is your familiar tale, Pert wench, down to the nineteenth century: Mr. Rimbaud the Frenchman's more
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