apoplexy in a sentence

Example sentences for apoplexy

He returned to his house on 105th Street, and continuing difficulties brought on an attack of apoplexy.
Meanwhile, this latest attraction has sparked apoplexy among some environmentalists.
My mother just about had apoplexy and made me return them.
America's insouciance has caused apoplexy north of the border.
The whole act would produce apoplexy among their competitors.
He can reduce art dealers to near-apoplexy.
Not just finding it, but being outraged by it to the point of apoplexy.
It is considered a very rough area, however, particularly designed to cause apoplexy in visiting parents.
No need to fall into an apoplexy over a matter of semantics.

Famous quotes containing the word apoplexy

Next we come to the bronchial buster, or the man (it is usually a man) who, being in the throes of a terrific throat and... more
Robert Whitmore died of apoplexy when a stranger from Georgia mistook him for a former Macon waiter.... more
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