apoplectic in a sentence

Example sentences for apoplectic

This condition is marked by outward apoplectic characteristics and significant loss off interpretive powers.
Some people become apoplectic when they forget names.
My mother was apoplectic.
Most such folks usually get apoplectic when the analogy is raised.
His enthusiastic efforts, verging on apoplectic, are quite funny.
The faculty who were interviewing her were apoplectic.
But when the stored-up indignities visited upon them become too much to bear, they can explode with apoplectic outrage.
The Times blog also includes words and phrases liked "nixed" and "bunk up" that would ordinarily make a copy editor apoplectic.
The band's brief set was apoplectic, full of fist-pumping slogans and seemingly cobbled out of spare parts from other projects.
The administration is understandably apoplectic.
Creditors' reactions ranged from apoplectic to stoic.
The response from the scientific community ran from disbelief to apoplectic rage.
The conjunction of nuclear, drilling, and clean coal made them understandably apoplectic.
He was taken with an apoplectic lit before entering the court room.
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