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Example sentences for apocryphal

News also spread over the Net - with the usual apocryphal embellishments.
Many modern historians believe the tale is apocryphal.
The story is no doubt apocryphal but I want to believe it.
There are tales, perhaps apocryphal, of villages where all the men of working age have left.
We all have apocryphal and outlier stories to tell, some of the most unbelievable are not even exaggerations.
He tells two stories that sound apocryphal, but which he insists are true.
The story is probably apocryphal, but the child's response was prophetic.
More than three years later, this apocryphal account continues to surface.
The story may be apocryphal, but it tends to be believed.
These are not the only matters that are reported as fact but sound apocryphal, since so much of the source material is secondhand.
They would often circulate apocryphal stories of their might and cruelty in order to instill fear and confusion in their enemies.
It was the second time in our conversation that he mentioned this apocryphal frankfurter stand.
People have always readily accepted apocryphal stories about history or events.
There's a funny anecdote, perhaps apocryphal, in which an astronomer is delivering a public lecture.
The story may well be apocryphal but it sums up, as such stories often do, the central facts of the case.
Several myths, probably apocryphal, surround the opening moves of their relationship.
What makes the story apocryphal is that it's told about so many different concert halls.
The real and the apocryphal are beautifully interwoven.
It does seem that the climax might have been reached in a less apocryphal fashion.
Her legend is a conflation of numerous scriptural references and apocryphal stories.
Although the following story is likely apocryphal, it has the hint of truth.
Rose pointed out that the story is probably apocryphal, though some of the panelists had also heard it.
There are many apocryphal stories of patients with asthma improving when they move, but no controlled trials.
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