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Example sentences for aplomb

They withstood the perspiration and the rough packing with aplomb.
But she may be the first to do it with such respect and aplomb.
He took the news with undeterred aplomb.
Try to handle these situations with courtesy and aplomb.
Yet I remember that my teachers handled us with aplomb, and there were never major disruptions.
The two authors respond with their usual feisty aplomb.
He played his part with aplomb.
Since then, I've learned to handle many situations with much more aplomb, but at that time it was a heart-stopper.
If you must cancel, do so with aplomb and humility.
Despite early jitters, the actors pulled off their parts with aplomb.
Of course, everyone turned to look at the stairs nearest them to see who was arriving with such declamatory aplomb.
Its musical sophistication matched its verbal aplomb.
The stock market crashed, but the economy glided on with eerie aplomb.
Yet the chancellor, who wields her powers with presidential aplomb, has a knack for taking more than her fair share of credit.
Yes, exploit market inefficiencies they do with aplomb.
He shuttles back and forth between the cities and with equal aplomb, between two households.
You'll choose and develop your staff, be a born organizer and handle emergency situations with aplomb.
She accepts my congratulations with aplomb, the previous afternoon's terror apparently forgotten.
They have had to step over and work around and they have done their job with aplomb.
Despite your claims of not being a lawyer, you certainly answered these questions with aplomb.
And he has been handling that task with great aplomb.
But the students carried those books with more aplomb, and they asked their questions with more confidence.

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What you did, any of us might. And saying so I see our difference: Not your aplomb (I used mine to sit tigh... more
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