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The perpetrator of the hoax has never been found, though there are theories aplenty.
There are anecdotes aplenty, of course, but there are no confirmed cases of suicide in any nonhuman primate species.
Whatever your taste or budget, there are drive suggestions aplenty.
Hunting polar bear and walrus, they soon had fresh meat aplenty and regained their strength.
There are attractions and recreational activities aplenty, from water sports to zoo parks.
There is anecdotal evidence aplenty that our students are disappearing.
The convocation was followed by a special luncheon attended by professors and administrators aplenty.
Surely, with all these options, there will be parts aplenty.
May it succeed so wildly that it funds scholarships aplenty.
He has garments aplenty: intense industry, immeasurable gifts, and a protean sensibility which he puts to varied uses.
There is money aplenty and, by now, a substantial amount of power.
Scientists do make mistakes aplenty, and in fact, this is how science progresses.
It's got jokes aplenty that kids will find hysterical, and not quite all of them are in the trailers.
And if you read this initial conversation looking for evidence of predisposition, it was there aplenty.
But when it comes to globalisation the professors have trousers and cattle aplenty.
There are reasons aplenty, not all of them good, for buying a life insurer.
But he can't help feeling that headwinds aplenty loom on the horizon.
Although there are ill omens aplenty, the economy's resilience thus far has been remarkable.
There was lobbying and mutual back-scratching aplenty.
Already there are speculations aplenty about whom the absentee voters will favour.
Electricity and water are reasonably constant, and there are mobile telephones and satellite dishes aplenty.
The claims will even be true, in a sense: there are plans aplenty, with stages and pillars and fine aspirations.
So there are snags aplenty, but there is no denying the fact that health reform has come further this year than it has in decades.
At best, growth will be a long haul, with reverses aplenty.
Given the steep increase in trading activity over the past few years, there ought to be liquidity aplenty.
But there are jobs aplenty which involve doing illegal and hateful things to one's fellow citizens and living a sinful life.
Celebrities lend only confusion to a protest movement that already has challenges aplenty in the coherence department.
Banners were displayed, balloons were flown and food was aplenty.
There are one-of-a-kind games and activities aplenty here.
Gadwalls and pintails aplenty dabbled in the shallows, and countless widgeons filled in the blanks.
There are numerous issues that have to be addressed, with strong feelings and emotions aplenty.
In retrospect, there were signs aplenty of a sick society.
But there was still killing and running aplenty going on along the doomed sector.
There are now web sites aplenty with all manner of information sources on ocean acidification.
Many orchids choose to bloom in humid spots, with moisture aplenty.
However, there is discussion aplenty regarding the legal effect of these disclaimers.
Although adventure was there aplenty, glamour and enchantment were in short supply.
The field is broad, and there is room aplenty for those who would seek to explore it.
Still, some gained entry into federal encampments where they found work aplenty.
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