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Another reason for employees' apathy may be the lack of spare cash, particularly if they are not paid much.
Spouse apathy (if not outright derision) is not uncommon in collector households.
Try not to allow their apathy to affect your enthusiasm.
For years, student apathy has been blamed for the low turnout.
Last year we got the news that the new game was in development and a lot of us just shrugged our shoulders in apathy.
Their faces show resignation, apathy and anger.
Just don't let it turn into apathy and a refusal to learn how things really work.
But too many large neighborhood schools lose students to anonymity and apathy.
Bystander apathy or the power of observation, in and of itself, is not very valuable.
The cure for apathy is comprehension.
It has been an uphill battle because of political inertia and public apathy.
Bashfulness and apathy are a tough husk in which a delicate organization is protected from premature ripening.
Certainly this news excited people intensely, whatever their previous apathy.
And the failure of means is due less to public apathy than to inherent difficulty in finding them.
It is an old saying that culture and apathy are likely to go together.
Apathy may be the last emotion you want to evoke in others.
She does not advocate dissidence so much as she tries to rationalize her apathy.
Tranquil, soul-satisfying apathy settled over the dining room.
Otherwise, grade inflation will continue, and with grade inflation comes student apathy.
Most faculty use about a tenth of the available technology resources, mostly out of apathy.
Once the crisis is over, though, apathy breaks up this cohesion.
It's not surliness, exactly, but apathy that's killing the room.
Much is made of the subdued mood on election day and the apathy felt by many voters towards what seemed a foregone conclusion.
Political apathy is not always a bad sign: it can indicate a contented electorate.
Official apathy, and sometimes complicity, have long been part of the problem.
Enlargement fatigue has a mirror image: apathy and resentment.
Participation is also a necessary component, as apathy and abstention are inimical to democracy.
But such apathy from early adopters suggests that content owners will have plenty of time to prepare for the revolution.
Standing between the two is an administrative machine corroded by apathy and corruption.
Constant changes have bred complexity, confusion and apathy.
The economic crisis has dented faith in mainstream politicians and countered political apathy.
The absence of real policy debate provokes an understandable response: growing apathy.
But this time his jailing sparked outrage, not apathy.
My point is that apathy is what prevents protest not secrecy.
The southern belles seem to have evolved an apathy to good looks and fast talking.
Lesser pay being the obvious first, followed by complete apathy.
Alas, the experts failed to anticipate the biggest threat of all: consumer apathy.
Apathy is too widespread to ever be countered by such insidious measures.
Voter apathy with politics will not be solved by a more representative system, but it would certainly improve things.
They act compulsively of boredom, and engage in self-harm to offset fear and apathy.
Their new results firmly show that monkeys can indeed spot unjust deals and respond with envy and apathy.
They fully expect to obtain their power through a studied reliance on voter ignorance and apathy.
Apathy on this matter will allow traction to the creationist agenda.
The authors warn against overestimating felon apathy.
His technique was to break down apathy and hopelessness, create a belief in the possibility of change and focus popular energy.
Action is the antidote to apathy and cynicism and despair.

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