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It will immediately set your statement apart from those-and they are legion-that begin with a standard expository paragraph.
The euro zone either has to get deeper, or it will fall apart.
So perfect, in fact, that it's impossible to tell individuals apart from their calls.
Taking apart a nuclear power plant that has reached the end of its life is a complicated task.
But to build what he wanted would have meant tearing the wall apart.
Not at the same time-they arrived a few months apart from each other.
Unfortunately, this way you don't get a good sense of how far apart these things are.
Then, the plates can suddenly come apart and slam into a new position.
So problem solved: simultaneous information meters apart without traveling at all.
Pull body sections apart and dig out pockets of meat.
Both sides in principle favour the use of triggers, but are far apart on how they would work.
At a park, you can see a place where the plates pull apart.
The easiest route for genuine hands-on learning: take apart some old stuff.
Moments later the chilling sounds of a submarine breaking apart and imploding were heard.
Sometimes he takes things apart and can't put them back together.
In fact, it was when the droplets started to pull apart from each other that they suddenly mixed.
Elephants may look alike to you and me, but the shapes of their ear flaps and their tusks set them apart.
They use these to capture and tear apart their crustacean prey.
What really sets mummies apart is how they are preserved.
He said he likes to take machines apart and look for new ways to customize them.
No one, apart from the few people who plotted and carried out those events, could have anticipated that they were going to happen.
But with time running short, the parties seem as far apart as ever.
As the plates moved, they slowly pulled the continents apart.
Now proteins have been discovered that set these people apart from those who are easily cured.
Only a tiny fraction were absorbed by the stellar gas, and they had so much energy they ripped apart the outer layers of the star.
But what sets them apart from previous lines is the ammunition.
But one feature-whether a language uses pitch as well as vowels and consonants to convey word meanings-stood apart.
Apart from our waking visions, our internal perceptions can trap us into not accepting reality.
The article says you spend your evenings apart from the expedition.
The magnets, embedded in the wooden bricks, repel each other and push the blocks apart.
The chemical helps break apart the pectin in the fries, yielding a smoother mouthfeel.
What sets us apart as a research university is the uniquely entrepreneurial spirit of our faculty.
Stars within a typical galaxy are so far apart that the chances of two colliding are slim to none.
Reconciling such fantasies could take a while, and in times as tough as these, they all could fall apart.
Note the hollowed-out circle, which sets it apart from other companies' bricks.
If you distribute a paper syllabus, remember that the pages will come apart.
Engineers often load a structure with weight until it collapses or shake it until it flies apart.
She freaked out, hired a contractor, and began ripping apart the house.
As you say, high- and low-energy impacts do different damage, so it is possible to tell them apart.
The voltage tears apart the air molecules and the gas begins to glow.
These high blown conclusions are not empirically justified, so there's no point in picking them apart.
Plus, the thing that really sets them apart is the reproductive structure in the center of the flower, which is called the column.
But what set him apart from other computer wizards was his artistic sense.
Being closed mouthed is apart of our culture for many valid reasons.
The extensive record makes it possible to compare cases that occurred centuries apart.
Why should a building of this magnitude and history be falling apart.
Your guilt and your politically correct terms keep us divided and set apart.
We could remain a military super power while our society falls apart from within.
Ultimately, everything in the universe will drift farther and farther apart until the universe is uniformly cold and desolate.
Our shelter for the night is four poles set in a square about four yards apart and topped by a tarp with open sides.
Many things during this period set life apart from other times.
However, they were obviously really into each other and couldn't stand to live apart, and were also trying to have kids.
Quite apart from that, over-concision can be jarring and difficult to read, which can distract from your point.
Any tidbit can be taken apart to see if new information can be gleaned from it.
Our financial lives cannot be understood apart from the rest of our lives.
Not having an agenda is not exactly going to set one apart in a good way.
The sides are not as far apart as their public posture would indicate.
Strong emotion in these scenes will set winning pictures apart.
The breakthrough will aid scientists in their mission to learn what sets us apart from other animals.
Other astronomers say the belt is a planet that was broken apart during a collision.
If they don't notice it themselves, point out that some students' drawings show waves that are farther apart than others.
The ape subsequently tore apart and ate the smaller primate.
The chlorine reacts with the oxygen atoms in ozone and rips apart the ozone molecule.
The space station's metallic joints should break apart next.
If they don't, and each does its own thing, the group might break apart.
The red comb on his head may help other roosters identify him, and it also sets him apart from other bird species.
The magnificent civilization that had built the great pyramids had lost its way, torn apart by petty warlords.
The ratel uses its sharp claws to tear apart the hive.
Each hair splits apart into even smaller hairs at the tip.
When a planet is torn apart, the fragments fly into different directions.
They found that even when the objects didn't move relative to each other, volunteers were able to reliably tell them apart.
Press down gingerly to get a good seal and then peel the tape apart slowly enough so that the graphite cleaves smoothly in two.
If the monkey can consistently learn to grab the green ball, it is logical to deduce that he can tell red and green apart.
The brain resides in skull and has memory and a faculty of thinking apart from controlling various components of mind in the body.
Shark prey--whether living, injured or dead--leaves behind swirling odor plumes that break apart with distance.
If you don't accept that people living as they have to is not per se pollution then the whole lie kind of falls apart.
Apart from this what patients are interested in is whether the test drug is better than existing, probably cheaper, drugs.
The vehicles reach sufficient space apart to return to the original flow.
Measuring one of an entangled pair immediately affects its counterpart, no matter how far apart they are theoretically.
The staffers said this would make their truck fall apart.
Yet, apart from the actual business on the stage, these characters are irresistibly effective.
To his mind his new sense of maturity set him apart, made of him a half-tragic figure.
And our great parties have too often been far apart and untrusting of each other.
But pieces that jar together must be separated as far apart as possible and perhaps even moved to other surroundings.
One characteristic these tales have which, apart from their form as verse, makes them poetry.
Yet all this was apart from any extraordinary dilapidation.
Prosecuting those responsible could tear apart a country at war.
At the heliport there were no skinny forearms, apart from mine.
Forgotten are the families torn apart by lengthy and multiple deployments.
But beyond that basic description, the comparisons fall apart.
Apart from these characteristic stigmata, his statement is unexceptionable.
Both geographically and culturally it is a place apart.
Apart from a slight loss of hearing, he is in robust health, and when he rises to greet guests he towers above them.
Not so: the conceit is maintained throughout, apart from a couple of dizzying interruptions.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
Give them different skin colors so they can tell each other apart.
Earlier in her life, a careless marriage had fallen apart, leaving her homeless.
He reclined in his chair, his knees apart, unaware that one of his testicles was inching out of the inner lining of his shorts.
Four decades apart, the two wars shared many features, starting with the moral and temporal clarity of their beginnings.
Humans have a unique pattern of transmission that makes them easy to tell apart from machines that send spam.
Red areas and spikes indicate sections that need to be pulled apart from each other so that players can earn points.
He then folds the tape over and pulls it apart, splitting the graphite into two thinner flakes.
Move these coils apart, and the efficiency of energy transfer drops off quickly.
Rapidly heating many rock types causes them to break apart.
These effects would have to be teased apart before a forecast of any use could be made.
They also take apart the green laser pointer in question to identify the cause of the problem.
It seems to be in large part an attempt to set a builder's own business apart in the housing downturn.
The researchers built two resonant copper coils and hung them from the ceiling, about two meters apart.
The pellets grow and distort under such pressure, and will eventually break apart.
Then the images can be further separated so that the spacecraft's images are so far apart that the spacecraft becomes invisible.
Computers don't do any thing else except compute, apart from shuffling data about the place.
Time, in this view, is not something that exists apart from the universe.
After a tiny fraction of a second, they fall apart into other things.
Its crest is a volcanic rift zone, where crustal plates spread apart and molten rock erupts to form new seafloor.
The paths leading to career success or failure, too, can lie a hair's breadth apart.
But apart from causing these diseases, scientists puzzled for years about the exact function of a properly folded prion protein.
When the cosmological constant is positive, dark energy is literally pushing space itself apart.
When a baleen whale opens its mouth, its lower jaws pull apart to increase the volume of water they can engulf.
Apart from rustic tone of the first trumpet, these were elegant readings, relaxed but majestic.
Apart from changes related to closings or chef departures, the year-apart star ratings are numbingly similar.
Don't let stubbornness keep you and a loved one apart.
He had spent weeks preparing for the parade and, apart from the occasional blip, proved himself a model soldier.
But his parents lived only minutes apart and continued to raise him jointly.
Their spouses suffer at home, and marriages fall apart under the strain of separation.
With a feeling of shock she found her thighs nudged apart.
Her parents were bitterly opposed to the romance because of his marital status, and the couple had lived largely apart.
Americans may be divided on immigration, but the presidential candidates are not that far apart.
Apart from their jobs and first names, they seemed to have little in common.
Something, in other words, is actively pushing it apart.
Apart from a new mosque, its buildings are made of mud, stone and thatch.
Party spokesmen refuse to describe her illness, apart from saying that she left intensive care after an operation.
My father-in-law was sitting holding his favorite deck of cards-they were so worn that only he could tell them apart.
Groups of different internal structures will fall apart in different ways, and so will perceive different kinds of risk.
Several scenes expose the deplorable physical condition of the building, which is falling apart after little more than a decade.
Peoples and countries with different cultures are coming apart.
Some philosophers, of course, reject the idea that citizens have rights apart from what the law happens to give them.
It could provide a tool for prying problems apart and opening up a new space for the extension of learning.
Apart from the danger of a trial, this role had certain advantages.
McCarthy set himself apart from the pack chiefly by his boldness, his recklessness, and his flair for melodrama.

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