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At the moment this is a tech demo, and won't be coming to market anytime soon.
Good acquaintances, who know they can call me anytime if they had my phone number.
The world is uber complicated and not getting simpler anytime soon.
Fur, wool, or down-don't shed your winter coat anytime soon.
Most seismologists agree that predicting earthquakes days in advance is not going to be possible anytime soon.
But it isn't likely to appear anytime soon in a dictionary.
Try it with a roast chicken for a simple, anytime dinner.
Electric vehicles are getting a lot of attention lately, but internal combustion isn't going away anytime soon.
Over the last two years, the rich became poorer, and they may not return to their old levels of wealth anytime soon.
Could be any college, any students, and virtually anytime.
These jobs will probably not come back anytime soon because the real estate bubble resulted in excess housing capacity.
But you won't see colored streamers or a ball drop around here anytime soon.
But no matter how useful computers become, they won't replace human fossil hunters anytime soon.
All make handsome topiaries during the holidays or versatile container plants anytime.
The airline readily admits the high price means biofuels won't replace jet fuel anytime soon.
But anytime the government is making the markets more opaque, it deserves more scrutiny.
The situation is not likely to improve anytime soon.
Wolfram says there's no danger of the colorful mountain dialect disappearing anytime soon.
And growing economic pressure globally to produce biofuels rather than food may mean that hunger will not be erased anytime soon.
Unfortunately, the duo will not be on view to the public anytime soon.
The decorations aren't permanent, so you can change the colors anytime you wish.
One company has come up with a system that can track you down anywhere, anytime.
Add the new policy restraints, and a new national housing bubble looks even less likely anytime soon.
Students go year round, no summer vacations, but one month vacation anytime each year.
But few are holding their breath for anything deeper anytime soon.
Anytime a symbiont leaves a host, there is the unknown.
Canoes and kayaks, however, are perfect for nosing through the liquid streets anytime.
Short says the biggest benefit of e-books is that they are accessible anywhere and anytime.
The paradox of record-high corporate profits and extremely-high unemployment doesn't seem to be breaking anytime soon.
The other huge benefit of the video game is that it's available anywhere, anytime.
Volunteers will be available throughout the day until closing, so feel free to swing by anytime.
Nurseries sell bare-root trees in early spring and in containers anytime.
Thanks to all the great online maps with street views you can see the world from the comfort of your home anytime.
The variety of products also goes to show that their economy wont be falling anytime soon.
But the idea that a big brain equals big smarts is not going to go away anytime soon.
The influences she has set wont be forgotten anytime soon.
Mexicans are allowed to return home anytime they want.
Only about a third of those individuals expect to go back on-line anytime soon.
Again, thanks for shining your light on us for a bit come back and visit anytime.
Electric vehicles may be the future, but internal combustion isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Certainly no one's about to win the debate anytime soon.
Anytime something that big makes its maiden flight, it draws a crowd.
Everybody's favorite piece of vaporware might soon be scheduled to not get released anytime soon on two platforms.
The tiles fit into a small, portable plastic case and are great for a quick game anywhere, anytime.
And it may not be getting easier for firefighters anytime soon.
Ouch burn for the op, won't be trying to make an off topic post anytime soon.
Two, a younger athlete can pop up anywhere, anytime.
But don't expect to see it on store shelves anytime soon.
Not likely to provide remote viewing capabilities anytime soon, either.
They do not believe that inflation scares are likely to occur anytime soon.
Workers must be allowed to retire anytime they wish, as long as they are physically fit and competent.
He belonged to a running club, and anytime there was a benefit run, he would be there.
Don't expect quantum encryption for at the local coffee shop anytime soon, and don't sign into bank from your hotel room.
The research is long-term and isn't expected to yield any new lethal weapons anytime soon.
Anytime she would have a domestic problem he was on the ball and making sure it was resolved to the best of his ability.
It has real challenges but, unlike what some predict, is not running out of cheap workers anytime soon.
Think of this application as an attempt to provide that experience anytime.
There is little reason to believe that the margin will increase anytime soon that would result in sustainable, lower prices.
If you need people for a study, you may email me, anytime.
After forty odd years of war, its probably time to accept that reconciliation isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Unfortunately, world population, as a whole is unlikely to stop increasing anytime soon.
Not that it matters, because you won't see this in showrooms anytime soon.
So don't hold your breath, peace isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Looks promising, but don't expect to be able to buy one of these anytime soon since it's a concept device.
Expect some ups and downs of climate but don't hold your breath for carbonaceous heat or glacier attacks anytime soon.
You're not going to be eating cloned cow meat anytime soon.
If you will be writing a big paper anytime soon, give it a try.
Pick your flavor of cynicism and savor it, because supersonic flight won't be back anytime soon.
But don't hold your breath waiting for animal spies to roam the world anytime soon.
There is no indication that they will be anytime soon, either.
But don't expect to see packs of them on the road anytime soon.
But you can do it anytime you find a stray gem growing along a country road or in a friend's garden.
Anytime anyone interviewed him, he would try to keep that audiotape.
The confrontations that left these wounds could have happened anytime, but during the mating season is the likeliest bet.
That's not to suggest anyone start cuddling with the animals anytime soon.
Football won't be banned anytime soon so better helmets are the way to go.
Anytime you read a study that says one thing, look for the opposing view and review them both with an eye for finding the truth.
Its economy and politics are stalled, with strife in the surrounding region stunting hopes of relief anytime soon.
The problem is that nobody in the markets trusts him, nor are they likely to anytime soon.
The chances of needing to do that anytime soon are slim.
The dynamics of languages, subject to change anytime, without prior notice.
It will not be anytime soon because their technology far out does the technology of the oil rich countries.
But it seems unlikely that we'll get cuts anytime soon.
Anytime one body is in control of a country for years on end you cannot really call it a true democracy.
Traveling can be a challenge anytime you do not feel well.
The lift tickets were fully transferable and good anytime, including weekends and holidays.
If at anytime during the tour you feel you need a break from cycling, a shuttle bus and boat services are available.
Lecture capture is being used as not only a way to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning but also as a peer review system.
One strategy is to have enough money in the bank that you can tell anybody at anytime to take this job and shove it.
He doesn't foresee gaining access to the consortium anytime soon.
Who they can feel better than at anytime they please.
Feel free to use any strategy of mine posted on these fora anytime without attribution.
It can affect anyone at anytime, including those of us who live here.
The rooster problem isn't going to go away anytime soon.
They've also got a body to dispose of-and anyone who sees how they do it won't forget it anytime soon.
We shouldn't expect to see a dent in executive compensation anytime soon.
Given the economic havoc of the past few years, it's unlikely that this view will change anytime soon.
Even so, it is commonplace to criticize this vision as naïve, since the goal is unlikely to be achievable anytime soon.
But the belief is that this army of occupation can shoot anyone it wants to, anytime, with impunity.
Even with our best efforts, this fact is not likely to change fundamentally anytime soon.
The planet is not believed to transit its star, precluding astronomers' mapping its weather anytime soon.
EO users can send and receive phone calls and messages--anytime and almost anywhere.
Given that, it's unlikely that you'll be seeing regular scanning for pedophilic tendencies anytime soon.
Both are action-packed, each episode is breathlessly debated, and neither seems likely to end anytime soon.
Anytime you apply a change in velocity to an object in orbit, that object will return to the same location repeatedly.
Interesting theory, but unfortunately, it that won't be tested anytime soon.
In emails that anyone can read at almost anytime for free.
The video is only fictional in that there is a extremely low chance of that happening anytime soon.
Name one fire anytime in the history of mankind that totally dissolved, disintegrated, pulverized human flesh.
Coming soon to the small screen: technology that will enable you to watch anything you want, anytime, anyplace.
The device, dubbed a ballistic deflection transistor, won't be in products anytime soon.
Solar panels will continue to improve, but the sun isn't expected to get a lot brighter anytime soon.
But human translators won't lose their jobs anytime soon.
Oil isn't withering away and demand won't wither away anytime soon.
But there's little sign that we're going to give up on oil anytime soon.
Cities drive our economy, but they won't be returning to full employment anytime soon.
Budgetary and political realities at the federal level will preclude reversing course anytime soon.
Even so, don't count on the demise of print zines anytime soon.
More than a month later, however, there are few signs that the administration plans to target the bank anytime soon.
He could have said the same thing anytime in the past century and been applauded for it.
Underwater mortgage borrowers aren't going to get closer to the surface anytime soon, according to this poll.
The sanitization cycle can be interrupted anytime to ensure the keyboard is available as needed.
And many may not return to their old levels of wealth and income anytime soon.
Now that we've eaten the apple of fear and distrust, it doesn't seem likely that we'll change our suspicions anytime soon.
Violent metaphors are all over our culture, in politics and outside of it, and that won't be changing anytime soon.
With a car you can go anywhere you want, anytime you want, in the comfort of your own private space.
It's also a sector that hasn't recovered and isn't likely to improve much anytime soon.
The days of well-funded centralized programs are not about to return anytime soon.
Maybe they would pay the utility, but it's not going to get to them anytime soon.
Robots may not invade anytime soon, but there's no denying that they're getting smarter.
The index is not likely to return to its previous lofty perch anytime soon.
Traditional graffiti is in no danger of being outmoded anytime soon, however.
The market for ink-on-paper travel guides won't dry up anytime soon.
Student groups at the fourth grade level and above may book a tour anytime during the year.
Although it's not a great sign when anytime someone takes a picture of you, they make you hold up a copy of the day's newspaper.

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