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As a caver you never come across anything this vast.
Still the focal point of many interior living spaces, the latest fireplaces look anything but traditional.
Yet when it comes to neuroscience, no government or treaty stops anything.
But because an animal wags its tail and eats, nobody thinks there's anything wrong-not even to get into these big exotic animals.
It's a kind of magic trick that makes anything look better.
In any case, no one here has told me anything about that job.
It is too early to say whether geo-engineering or anything else will be part of this mix.
What a scared orphan elephant needs more than anything is other elephants.
Patients and families were desperate to try anything that might offer a longer term solution.
Perhaps more than anything else, it is the extraordinary architecture that takes a visitor's breath away.
In a good hotel bar, anything can happen, and probably already has.
Because it's probably going to be a while before you see anything at all.
Not that anyone on this thread has suggested anything so extreme, of course.
Nobody has yet given them, or anybody else, anything to investigate.
We asked her if anything interesting got left out of her previous reports.
They typically have the capability of controlling anything.
Explain to students that a geographic perspective is a way to understand anything distributed across space.
And the stories she shared in a diary showed she routinely put herself in situations the rest of us would do anything to avoid.
They are going to try to walk up to their house to see if anything is left.
If you ever find a cure or anything that helps please let me know.
Anything that will hold a few scoops of dirt is fair game.
Under copyright law, anything you write is immediately copyrighted to you.
We don't pretend to understand math, and anything beyond long division leaves us pretty much stumped.
There would be no page charges or anything of that nature so it's not some money-making scam.
Wildfires can destroy anything and everything in their path.
Astronauts have to be prepared for almost everything in space, but also anything on the ground.
Wrist-mounted control panels are a sci-fi staple, used to remote control anything from spacecraft to cars to time machines.
They would know if there's anything done nationally.
They didn't follow me to keep me company or anything.
We've arranged a society based on science and technology, in which nobody understands anything about science technology.
First check your old contract and check whether it says anything specific about overpayment.
But precisely what animals sense, if they feel anything at all, is a mystery.
It encourages more and more persecution until nobody dares to say anything about race at all.
Review your lists frequently to ensure you're not missing anything.
Ethical search committees will probably let you know soon how you stand, but it's simply too early to tell anything.
While you are climbing up, you can't see anything except the hill above you.
No scientist has ever observed anything in the universe that is self-creating and self-existing.
Bad letters of recommendation are anything other than glowing letters.
They lie and manipulate yet feel no compunction or regrets-in fact, they don't feel particularly deeply about anything at all.
Throws paint on a canvas and doesn't afraid of anything.
Finally, my lunch was finished, and the jay realized that he wasn't going to get anything.
Even though none of them reported actually hearing anything.
Don't plant anything that will need to be pruned regularly.
If you know anything about motors, that's not supposed to happen.
And when you grow what you eat, you can get incomparably sweet, vine-ripened produce that beats anything you can buy.
It boggles my mind that anyone takes them as anything more.
Sprinkle your sandwiches and salads with anything from pea shoots to micro greens, onion sprouts to sun-flower.
Interestingly, these studies weren't asking anything about bias but about the quality of the reviewers comments.
She survived, but she cannot remember anything about the incident.
He can't remember who he is, where he is, or anything about his life.
The essential thing is to prevent her from attempting anything she can't do well.
Believing nothing done whilst there remained anything else to be done.
You'll never be able to keep him going on anything else.
None of them is specially characteristic or adds anything of great intrinsic value.
If there is anything good about nobility it is that it enforces the necessity of avoiding degeneracy.
Attention to little things render it impossible to do anything great.
He was loud and boisterous, always laughing and singing, and never able to work consecutively at anything.
Now the cause was lost and they had no right to claim anything.
Anything can be made with origami-from birds and bugs to stents and space telescopes.
They don't even give much consideration to anything else.
It reasons that if you can prove that there is anything flawed in evolutionary theory, then the entire structure must be wrong.
Drivers can now access anything from custom traffic reports to spoken e-mail messages to video games.
It doesn't buy you anything except for higher costs that actually do more harm to the environment.
The discussion is about string theory do you have anything to say or not.
Second, from the point of view of what if anything to do about it, it makes an even bigger difference.
Light cannot be focused on anything smaller than its wavelength-or so says more than a century of physics wisdom.
The only way that anything can actually be proven is by finding the same results by independent experimentation.
Imagine a time in your life when you felt out of control-anything from getting lost to losing a job.
And it's never been designed to be anything but a burden.
Whether the agreement does anything to stabilise the euro is moot.
It's amazing that robotics is now being mixed with everything and anything throughout the world.
There's nothing magical about the free market, or governments, that makes them capable or not capable of doing anything.
These days he is much more optimistic about the film industry than anything else.
When the recordings went online, however, they were anything but hits.
And if you seem to be someone who complains about anything, then increasingly people will ignore your arguments about everything.
Failure, says academic culture, is anything other than achieving the ultimate goal of a tenure-track professorship.
When he died he had nothing and really had never made anything of himself.
He has not invented anything or discovered anything new.
The truest alcohol enthusiasts will try almost anything to conjure the libations of old.
But he couldn't find anything wrong with his research.
But it also suggests that, in an unpredictable world, anything can happen.
The only interested party with enough desire, and leverage, to make anything happen is the players themselves.
But he resented being understood under the aspect of anything so insufficiently nuanced as a category.
He continues to refuse to make himself miserable about anything-yes, anything.
My father-in-law, a thoughtful and gentle fellow, didn't say anything.
Nobody would expect to read here anything that diverged from the tightly held official narrative of events.
If anything, the debate reinforces the importance of their research.
But for a variety of reasons, it isn't likely to accomplish anything.
The autopilot takes the plane all the way to the ground, even if the pilots cannot see anything outside their windows.
But so far, it's not clear they can do anything to help.
Taking stock of the major economic indicators, you really have to squint to see anything good.
Whether or not those web-based pronouncements change anything is still up for debate.
Considering they were messed up a lot of the time, it's a miracle they got anything at all.
Sugar was both a luxury and a novelty, and the few who could afford it would grate it over almost anything.
It would have been amazing if lie had been anything else.
So the number of people that come to the match is not necessarily indicative of anything.
If she safely made it across the bridge, the subjects said, the boyfriend didn't do anything wrong.
There's no evidence that diet has anything to do with acne, the dermatologist shouted.
So far, unfortunately, there are no reports of anything new seen from the viewing deck.
If you don't look, then you're guaranteed not to see anything.
If anything it can help explain troubles in a couple's fertility.
But that base can be extended with anything from squid to lettuce to pork to shallots.
Things happen quickly during this course, and you don't want to miss anything.
Depending on the dish you're making, you can use anything from vegetable or olive oil to duck or pork fat.
It all began on a lavender blue day-the kind of day when anything can happen.
He should therefore be smart enough to know that you are not going to learn anything about literature from science fiction.
It does not represent a majority of the country, or probably anything close to a majority.
They never told him anything about their lives, and he failed to see anything significant about them.
Soldiers report shooting at anything that moved in the combat zone.
All you have to do is offer them a chance to make money and anything goes.
Nor is dismissal of his work by the literary establishment anything new.
But by then, the frame of mind on the other side was anything but receptive.
It is not merely because, on account of laziness or obstruction, they can't get their mitts on anything else.
Wright's aim was clearly apotropaic-to warn blacks off from anything suspected of white exploitation.
Anything that is digital, from software to music, can reach a much broader global audience.
Coming soon to the small screen: technology that will enable you to watch anything you want, anytime, anyplace.
The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.
The technology could also apply to metal-air batteries that could store far more energy than anything on the market today.
They have no interest in paying full price for anything ever.
It would if so of course not being anything specific to machines.
Most anything from either of these scientists are interesting in one way or other.
In his words, he wanted outdoor furniture that was as good as anything you'd buy for the inside of the house.
But if you plan on doing anything besides skiing, it's more fun to stay in town.
For anything else you go to the liquor store across the lot.
My shower wall does the same thing without me having to do anything at all.
And that means they can lie to you but if you say anything in the same sentence different, you've committed perjury.
If you didn't know anything about marketing, you might think it was important to advertise what a new product does.
Mum and me tend to go there before contemplating anything else.
The contents, which had never been photographed or catalogued, were exceedingly varied-and anything but systematically organized.

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