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Anyone who could read and write could serve as teacher.
Anyone who wants less is lacking in ambition bewildered.
The idea that an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit can provide high-quality content is increasingly established.
New research suggests that appealing to feminine tastes throughout the animal kingdom is more complicated than anyone anticipated.
Here's a spot for anyone looking for a retreat rather than a resort.
The point is that their release is not going to make anyone better off.
What goes on within the human skull is more complex and fantastic than anyone imagined.
It's one of my favorite foods, and an essential pantry item for anyone interested in quick cooking.
Anyone can contribute new items or edit an existing item.
No evidence that anyone has been wrongly evicted has yet been found.
Learn why one explorer wants to go deeper than anyone before.
We're the last ones on the road and we've barely seen anyone all day.
And for anyone with a particle of ambition, there is little choice.
Anyone walking into a smoker's abode can tell you that the traces of tobacco use don't vanish when a cigarette is extinguished.
Villagers rarely married anyone from outside their town.
Silent retreats are a specialty, and many include an intro session for anyone who's new to this whole stillness thing.
People tell pollsters they trust him more than anyone.
Now, the washboard dirt road that would make anyone fear for their axles is paved.
Anyone who has tried to replace a punctured tire or fix a leaky faucet knows the importance of having the right tool for the job.
By now it should not surprise anyone that birds and theropod dinosaurs were closely related.
Preserving summer-ripe fruits sometimes demands more time than anyone can spare.
It will be a while before anyone knows who is right.
They quickly channel water, and anyone caught in the current, away from shore.
Anyone who pretends otherwise is fooling themselves.
As anyone with cartilage damage from a sports injury knows, there's not a whole lot doctors can do to help.
Anyone who has ever smelled a durian fruit can tell you that it smells mighty strong.
Can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be pleased with this gift.
In fact, its simple design means that it can actually be made by anyone with a few spare parts and some welding gear.
To the audience, the slow writhing of the dangling bodies was a form of entertainment-and a warning to anyone considering piracy.
The spicy fragrance wafting through the air can get anyone in a festive spirit.
Ask students if anyone has ever visited a national park.
But the scandal has yet to result in the criminal conviction by a jury of anyone who was a top executive in the firm.
Of course, hardly anyone watches for five days solid, except the umpires.
The debt crisis is deeper and more widespread than almost anyone feared at the start of the year.
The great advantage of prediction and observation is that anyone can make the test.
Anyone who has bats in his belfry will quickly grasp the concept.
Anyone interested can find a more detailed review of the current evidence at the site below.
Generally, anyone embarking on a career of piracy would begin by seizing a ship.
Any takers for this theory and can anyone guide me to develop this theory further.
No one, miraculously, appears to have crashed into anyone else.
There has been no evidence of anyone contracting chronic fatigue syndrome from a blood transfusion, so the risk is hypothetical.
We are an order of magnitude more powerful than anyone else.
Anyone contemplating testing should determine in advance whether to share the results with close relatives.
Anyone can make one of these and they generate more useable, cheaper, and much easier to produce energy than photovoltaics.
For anyone who disliked the first group they encountered, try another.
Doesn't anyone know these piglet farms create billions in revenue.
Sleep deprivation affects mental performance, as anyone who has tried to work after an all-nighter can attest.
Anyone who is diabetic-or knows a diabetic-recognizes the importance of insulin.
However, it should be easy enough for anyone to reproduce, if you want to try.
When anyone claims the science is settled, that is the time to ask questions.
Of course, anyone in such a position attracts criticism the way a statue attracts pigeons.
And so he did what anyone might have done: he captured the mouse and put it in a cage.
The phrase stuck, for reasons that anyone who has seen them will understand.
Before anyone's claim to celestial fame is ensured, however, new objects need to be certified as such.
It's possible that so soon after it began, hardly anyone realized that the speech had ended.
It was so fast that it could get in and out of a location before anyone knew of its presence.
Hardly anyone expected that, by harvest time, prices would have nearly doubled.
Each time it has grabbed an existing technology and produced an easier-to-use and prettier version than anyone else.
Buy these pills, this watch, cheaper than anyone else can.
Anyone deficient will be found out: anyone with the right stuff has a chance to shine.
Other tablets, known as slates, will be familiar to anyone who has signed for a package delivered by a courier service lately.
Luckily, for anyone who dares, now there is video from scientists to show you how it's done.
The unpredictable drip from a leaky faucet can drive almost anyone mad.
But there was much more to those tiny shuttered creatures than anyone suspected.
Wildlife officials recommend that anyone who catches the river's fish toss them back uneaten, and swimming has been banned.
The security of our food supply is at risk in ways more noxious than anyone had feared.
Losing weight has never been an easy endeavor, as anyone who has ever tried knows.
They do more than anyone thinks is possible with less than anyone thinks possible.
Anyone that knows anything about dogs knows that dogs were not domesticated by people.
Advanced liquid crystal displays may soon improve the quality of life of anyone who uses laptop and hand-held computers.
She socialized with anyone who was appropriate but shunned anyone who was rude, graceless, violent.
As far as anyone knows, there could have been a solar storm of neutrinos which greatly influenced the paths.
Anyone dealing with an addict knows that relapse doesn't happen when things are going great.
Anyone who is acquainted with these works will immediately recognise in the poem certain references to vegetation ceremonies.
His father wants to break off a big piece of it for himself but first looks about him to see if anyone might see him.
Worldly would never dream of speaking to anyone-no matter whom-if it could be avoided.
How rarely one can come to a theoretical agreement with anyone else on a fundamental principle.
Joe himself was small of body and in his character unlike anyone else in town.
The fellow is an absolute outsider, anyone can see that.
And anyone is free to recognize you: by your face, by your voice, by the stories you tell.
In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win.
Anyone can participate, from beginning bird watchers to experts.
They didn't socialize with anyone, as the whole town used to point out angrily.
They drove into the night, and there is no record that they ever spoke again to anyone but each other.
The medium is revolutionary, opening the closed ranks of the literary world to anyone who owns a mobile phone.
In her affectionate way, she was more interested in dominating people than anyone the writer's ever met.
Part of what makes the whole thing so funny is the absolute ease with which anyone, for any reason, can get a prescription.
The surplus animals end up in mostly unregulated auctions where anyone at all can buy them.
And it is world famous for the peace and serenity anyone and everyone who visits it feels.
Fortunately for anyone bothered by the horde, adult cicadas die not long after producing eggs.
However technically sufficient the images may have been, they don't actually mean anything to anyone.
If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.
It seems impossible that anyone would think well of the job our legislative branch is doing, yet some do.
For anyone looking to transform a large organization, or even to get something done in a small team, this will sound familiar.
He had this trick of keeping a soccer ball in the air longer than anyone else.
Almost anyone who has spent time with him can describe his effect on people.
For example, anyone selling too late would have lost more money than a robot selling sooner as prices decline.
The terrifying implication is that it could happen to you--to anyone who leads with their heart and not their head.
Even the folks who don't get together with their first loves never end up with anyone else.
The sky-high prices threaten to exclude from the farmers' market anyone who isn't a hedge fund manager.
And every chapter seems to have another variation of lemon pie, which should be enough to win over anyone.
Plural marriage is illegal, and hardly anyone practices it.
They wanted to be seen as ordinary fighter pilots, no different from anyone else.
Yet anyone who's shopped for a whisk recently knows that they come in an overwhelming array of designs these days.
Elaine and her gang take to the streets with garbage bags of stumps, trying to pawn them off on anyone and everyone.
The truffle-y sensation, the inability for anyone to describe it, the way it brings flavors in a dish together.
Cook things in it without telling anyone and wait for people to ask you why your food tastes so good.
But anyone with even a small piece of ground can grow them.
Ask anyone and they will be sure to go on and on about how they adore it.
After that, yogurt could be made in any part of the world, in anyone's kitchen.
And you realize more and more how little these companies are beholden to anyone in government or society other than themselves.
And no one wants to foot the insurance bill for anyone's fast food-induced sugar coma.
It has not needed anyone's encouragement or permission.
Translators, more than anyone else, tend to become weary of the subject of translation.
Movies are a strange medium and a good film can sometimes be attributed to almost anyone who might have been on the set.
The texts of these books are seldom written because anyone really wanted to write them.
Much seems to happen, but only seldom does anything happen to anyone.
Anyone who writes for a few years has to recognize that reviewers will not only disagree but also misunderstand.
By the age of eighteen she could no longer look at anyone without imagining that they were defecating.
The only use anyone could think of for this material was to cause a uranium chain reaction.
To anyone who experienced a fascinated nausea, my apologies.
If anyone doubted that change has come, and come to science, they need to watch this video.
Anyone who doesn't want to drug themselves can use the old time-tested methods of maintaining concentration.
The tail was a far more complex system than he or anyone else had imagined.
Or, really, anyone interested in the origins of life.
Today she channels her enthusiasm into spreading the word that science is something anyone can do.
Because the barrier to entry is so low, anyone would be able to order a bag of chemicals and make their own solar panel.
The contest was open to anyone and everyone who has made a video in the last two years.
It may be small comfort to anyone sporting a comb-over, but researchers have found a second genetic risk factor for baldness.
First is the fact that anyone can contribute images, links, and comments to the database.
New research suggests that such bacterial evolution occurs even faster, and in a more predictable fashion, than anyone thought.
It allows anyone who receives a check to make a digital image of it rather than having to deliver it physically.
He emphasizes the need for anyone with hearing loss to visit an audiologist and get a full exam.
And anyone traveling for more than a day with an electronic gadget has to tote along its clunky charger as well.
Anyone who has ever tried to change a lit light bulb has touched upon the problem with today's lighting technology.
Anyone wondering where such a form of matter might exist would naturally think if the centre of neutron stars.
While there are bartenders behind the bar, there are bottles available to anyone wanting to pour his own drinks.
Normally after a fall or a collision, an animal will take fright and resist anyone who approaches.
Skin color doesn't give anyone an immunity to skin cancer.

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