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They all still drink, but no one gets drunk anymore.
Once you have a few, you don't care about submitted anymore.
The long-term element makes you doubt the word corruption is a good term anymore.
You're not limited to lining up a row of patio chairs and a simple dining group anymore.
Turns out free isn't the best price for software anymore.
Honor, meanwhile, isn't something that's talked about much anymore.
In the past few years, he says, a sandy bottom has given way to green gunk and his visitors refuse to swim in it anymore.
Some, not as popular as others, may not have been copied by scribes anymore.
Many of us have little or no use for phone books anymore.
Knowing how to read a novel, craft an essay, and derive the slope of a tangent isn't enough anymore.
With this newer version, this isn't the case anymore.
Kids don't build scooters, slingshots, or forts anymore.
Prehistoric treats such as tree sap, honeycomb, and raw sugarcane might not be popular anymore as stand-alone foods.
The pain tests were administered until the patient said they couldn't take it anymore.
But none of this means these people aren't poor anymore.
We don't need anymore retirees buying houses that are too big for them, driving too slowly, and crowding everything.
Well, they certainly aren't chewing many leftover mutton bones anymore.
Malware is only an annoyance for those who cannot think anymore.
And if there is a position available, it may be the same job you left-and not what you want to do anymore.
By the time she graduated from high school, no one was living there anymore.
The public is getting wise to all the federal employees who make six figures anymore.
The only thing clipped on anything anymore is the new tiny iPod.
After a while all of the ignorance sort of builds up and you realize you can't take it anymore.
Pour in coffee until you don't see the coin anymore.
Don't let it get to the point where he does something he can't control anymore.
What might have been leading edge imagery a few years ago has likely been copied so much that it isn't novel anymore.
The real culprit that no one likes to talk about anymore is fluoridation.
After which he promptly wrote the student loan people a big check and now they're not hounding him anymore.
Fortunately there's not much pressure to perform for royalty anymore.
As a consequence jails and prisons do defensive medicine on an epic scale anymore.
There's no chance of cars and trucks overtaking us anymore.
No one seems to even have a clue about quality of life anymore.
It's too bad it gets accepted mainstream without much debate anymore.
That's why it's not being use a predominantly anymore.
US does not even have the rockets to take us there anymore.
My professions of usefulness don't carry much weight around the house anymore.
The health and fitness industry should be blamed more than anymore for this pandemic.
While you can't visit the property itself anymore, you can taste the wines in town.
Its not all about individual countries anymore and much more about the world as a whole.
Nobody reads the journals themselves much anymore, but where a paper hits is critical for promotion decisions.
We don't need them in the factories anymore but don't worry.
She asked them not to contact her anymore and did a little research on the company.
The meadowlark-there is a poignancy about going back there and not hearing the meadowlarks anymore because of the lack of habitat.
It's not wise to make mayonnaise or ice cream with eggs at home anymore either.
It doesn't seem as urgent, anymore, to find out the names of those who came before my grandparents and great-grandparents.
The player they won't see anymore, though, was on the mind of many of them when pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend.
It's not about me anymore, it's about me being there for my kids.
We do not need to use fossil fuel of any kind anymore to generate electricity or power our automobiles.
We can't burn new ideas at the stake anymore so why not put it out there.
There's absolutely no reason to talk to a stranger anymore-you connect to people you already know.
She didn't want any of their names anymore, and she didn't want her father's name, either.
Those once-convenient categories make little sense anymore, if they ever made sense at all.
We can't really say the theater is a true place of debate anymore, but these plays remind us of what it could be.
Not even the oppressor really believes in what he is doing, anymore, let alone the revolutionary.
So the building could be removed quickly when you don't need it anymore or recycled into a new structure.
We decided that no one could talk to me anymore-they had to speak to them.
It's strange, because one thing they don't have to worry about anymore is censorship.
All bookmarks or links to forms on the old system, however, do not work anymore and will need to be changed.
No one has to help him eat or drink anymore, or help him find his way outside.

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