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Example sentences for anxiously

Those of us watching anxiously felt a deep personal connection with the probe.
And investors have anxiously awaited the next replacement.
Some of us may well respond anxiously to university auditors, but they are not really internal law-enforcement officers.
Everyone here anxiously awaiting your pics and more blogs.
Investigators are anxiously seeking the answers to two great unknowns about the changes in polar ice.
Investors are anxiously waiting to hear how much they will have to pay.
Anxiously awaiting the hysteria about how the climate doesn't need to be saved.
He also described how my mom was anxiously pacing the hotel and attempting to eat a decent breakfast.
High school seniors nationwide are anxiously awaiting the verdicts from the colleges of their choice later this month.
And day after day, they look anxiously to sea under racing clouds, waiting and watching for a loved one's boat to appear.
The question of where the money will come from is one that opera companies all over the world are anxiously pondering.
Then the quarterback starts patting his pockets and looking around anxiously, as if he can't find his keys.
And he was spending the rest of his winter anxiously awaiting his phone to ring.
On the occasion corresponding to this four years ago, all thoughts were anxiously directed to an impending civil-war.
There is a difference between a pilot programme-with everyone anxiously working towards good results-and a large-scale operation.
Voters have queued, ballots have been counted and the two main candidates are anxiously awaiting the results.
At other moments, he leaned backward anxiously, lowered his head or covered his face with his hand.
As such, politicians are anxiously awaiting the commercial perfection of second-generation biofuels.
The third floor atrium was full as court staff waited anxiously for the event to commence.

Famous quotes containing the word anxiously

He saw Mr. Lincoln but once; at the melancholy function called an Inaugural Ball. Of course he looked anxiouslymore
[On Harvard President Charles William Eliot's lamentation that the average Harvard graduate had fewer than two children:... more
As Anna Freud remarked, the toddler who wanders off into some other aisle, feels lost, and screams anxiouslymore
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