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Tense and anxious, he always carried a penknife and smoked hashish and pot with great frequency.
Me and my best buddy are anxious to try our hand at rock climbing.
The result is anxious, unruly children who run their apologetic parents ragged.
It causes people to feel anxious and afraid and out of control.
For several miles, we tear uphill on an empty, curvy road faster than this anxious parent would like.
Tech enthusiasts were anxious to get their hands on the fabled $100 laptop.
I'll admit I'm getting kind of anxious now that the date's closing in.
At long last, an anxious year of applications and interviews was over.
Counting sheep helps an anxious student with his assignment.
I'm anxious to go to practice.
There was a hum of anxious chatter and a few worried smiles, all mixed with a certain determined bravado.
The dogs exhibit attention-getting behaviors such as whining, pawing, or anxious barking.
Perhaps because eating causes a change in brain chemistry that instead of bringing pleasure makes anorectics feel anxious.
The microbe-free animals were more active and, in specific behavioral tests, were less anxious than microbe-colonized mice.
Psychotherapists, in a sense, try to persuade patients not to feel anxious or depressed.
All this make me anxious to know more about this university.
Maybe you've even tried to close your eyes and simply breathe for one minute, but your anxious internal voice wouldn't quiet down.
It's all the excitement and heartbreak of soccer condensed into a few anxious seconds.
As a dean, she gave hundreds of talks, preaching calm to anxious applicants.
He drew with an efficient medium-weight line-not particularly bold and brash, but not anxious and self-effacing.
Their owners work in order to afford them, and when they actually occupy them they're anxious.
Turns out she wasn't so anxious to spend more time with her family after all.
That, in turn, made others more anxious: less willing to lend and more interested in holding onto their money.
They were always anxious that their secret third line would ring, but every call was film-related.
Mostly, though, it felt good to be an active seeker rather than an anxious parent at the mercy of an overburdened doctor.
Haw, anxious but realistic, wants to find new cheese.
Mild dips make them feel temporarily anxious and confused.
They were more active, less anxious and more likely to take risks.
They have shown themselves anxious to live for it and to die for it.
No one need be anxious about the lack of opportunities in civilized life for the display of heroic qualities.
Dot's anxious thoughts throbbed against the lean palm.
The current stage of anxious anticipation is still an early one.
Even the administration seemed anxious to tamp down expectations.
For example, doctors have found that patients made to feel anxious need larger amounts of opiates after surgery than other people.
Many people would be desperate to own or anxious to see them.
Talking about the episode even long afterward made her visibly anxious.
So they were an anxious, unhappy, depressed group of people.
Such bloggers often feel compelled to write several times daily and feel anxious if they don't keep up.
Some people may become anxious when inside the scanner.
Stress does not cause tinnitus, but feeling stressed or anxious can worsen it.
However, your doctor may prescribe antidepressants if you are anxious or depressed.
Americans are anxious about their private lives but absolutely disgusted by public leaders.
Both sides are anxious not to appear to be closing the door.
As a result, they are more anxious and fearful, and show a heightened response to stress.
Alcohol and caffeine combined apparently make the imbiber particularly anxious and aggressive.
Anxious to put in something newsy, he started writing leaders-introducing opinion among the facts.
Despite the anxious rhetoric, the party is not on the brink of collapse.
Those anxious that the rich world's economic power is ebbing might welcome a few emerging-market slip-ups.
While successful, the spacewalk wasn't without its anxious moments.
Most companies cannot escape a warning, and so they are anxious.
It may be best to wait until you know full details before calling anxious contacts.
If someone is focused on anxiety they will continue to be more anxious.
But investors are also increasingly anxious that stocks have risen too far and too fast relative to prospective earnings.
Meanwhile, anxious consumers and advertisers are closing their wallets.

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