antsy in a sentence

Example sentences for antsy

As the prayers and hymns flow one after the other, they become antsy.
No surprise that lawmakers, goaded by civil-liberties groups, began to get antsy.
After too many hours cramped in that place you start to get antsy.
The pirates get antsy and the crews are the diversions.
All the trouble threatens to further unnerve bidders already antsy about the recently slumping stock market.
The protestors are getting antsy and at this point, the longer they wait, the more blood will be shed.
But they're starting to hear about it, and they're getting antsy for a taste of it.
Except, perhaps, for parents driven mad by waiting in lines with antsy children.
In a business historically frantic about change, their plan has made exhibitors antsy and studios curious.
Sometimes, an editor might get a little antsy about seeing your story early.
Nearly six months later, however, the filmmakers are getting antsy.
As growth figures worsen in coming months, markets will once again become antsy.
They are getting understandably antsy at me to pay them thousands of dollars.
Every one seems so antsy to have car drivers share the road with bicyclists.
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