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Searching for or removal of any object of antiquity including arrowheads, pottery or other artifacts is prohibited.
The techniques used in handcrafting silver have changed little since antiquity.
No other hominin of such antiquity--including Lucy--is as complete as this one.
They are papyruses, scrolls like those on which all the great thoughts of antiquity were once recorded.
The truly old ones make the most of their pedigrees, and those of a more recent vintage work hard to create an aura of antiquity.
It's something that goes way back into antiquity.
Most of its collection deals with antiquity, Mediterranean culture and the history of that region.
Their origins are lost in antiquity.
There is little doubt about the antiquity of the animal.
The city was inhabited until late antiquity, when it was abandoned, probably as a result of repeated raids by pirates.
Just over half the population of 800000 claim islander ancestry back to antiquity, and regard themselves as the true Fijians.
And sulfur has been used as a wine preservative since antiquity.
Rivets attest to its antiquity, showing that it was manufactured before welding was common.
Mud-brick towers tilt crazily on a vast, sunbaked mound, amid the crumbled debris of antiquity.
Antiquity, however, is not enough to fill his large canvas.
But this mythology has led to a paralysing respect for antiquity.
Preserved by the dry desert environment, such works make up the richest body of portraiture to have survived antiquity.
There he managed to meld abstraction and antiquity, painting and drawing, lament and reverie.
It was as though an eyewitness from antiquity had stepped forward with photographs of the disaster.
The literatures of antiquity are clearly about other business.
Though the peripheral rooms were looted in antiquity, the burial itself remained untouched.
It appeared to have been plundered during antiquity.
Antiquities theft is a practice nearly as old as antiquity.
But such suspicions of insurgent links to antiquity smuggling have drawn mixed opinions in the past from experts.
Sometimes the looters break into a tomb that was already robbed in antiquity.
Nor would they be likely to do so, since it was their own antiquity.
Its contents, though hastily ransacked in antiquity, were surprisingly complete.
Each had been heavily looted in antiquity, and no royal remains were found except a single bejeweled arm.
Because of this, wooden shipwrecks of antiquity can remain in a high state of preservation for thousands of years.
If he was ruler of the world, he said, he'd protect all sites of antiquity.
Some of these sites have defensive characteristics and appear to have been fortified in antiquity.
No other figure from antiquity seems so versatile in her ambiguities, so modern in her contradictions.
Diverse artifacts offer glimpses into life in antiquity.
The pieces, as a couple of relics of antiquity, need only to be named to be admired.
Unconventional methods were used by both antiquity's weak and strong.
According to ancient records, the tomb was a repository of exquisite antiquity.
Civilizations have traded emeralds since antiquity, but the sources of many famous gems have remained unknown.
Dust on earthly objects is often an indicator of antiquity.
The antiquity of his art is certainly not be contested by any other.
In all antiquity there is nothing more solemn, more majestic.
From many other sources the antiquity of the simile is proved.
The gale that gives direction to the vanes on all its towers blows out of antiquity.
Its principal feature seemed to be that of an excessive antiquity.
The nicest example of a dream interpretation which has come down to us from antiquity is based on a play upon words.
By tracking changes in ancient atoms, archeologists are establishing the astonishing antiquity of modern humanity.
Marriage between close relatives was not unknown in antiquity.
High privilege accounts for such unbroken antiquity.
But others have survived more or less intact, their humble morphologies uncannily familiar in spite of their antiquity.
Most of the written works of antiquity are lost to us, so his sources remain unknown.
Though its official history started only recently, its unofficial history stretches back to antiquity.
But it's been used since antiquity and for a good reason: this one actually does work.
So sometimes stability is a sign of antiquity, while diversity is a sign of recency.
The only reason antiquity is preserved is because they are the main money makers, as tourist attractions.
Searching for or removal of objects of antiquity or other value is strictly prohibited.
From this basis students can compare and contrast antiquity and the present and thoughtfully contemplate the future.

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