antigen in a sentence

Example sentences for antigen

The rotavirus antigen test detects rotavirus in the feces.
One gram of the antigen can supply millions of vaccine shots.
Humoral immune responses result in the production of antibodies that are specific to a foreign antigen.
Whether the antigen is introduced via injection vs natural exposure is irrelevant.
The sample is sent to a lab, where it is mixed with latex beads coated with a specific antibody or antigen.
Instead, he noted discrepancies in the matches and concluded that he had found a new antigen system.
The first two tests were performed by digital rectal examination and then by prostate specific antigen testing.
Then they injected both groups of mice with an antigen, a substance that attracts the attention of the immune system.
The idea, then, is to use a-lactalbumin as an antigen-a molecule that attracts the attention of the immune system.
The only thing that changes each year is the antigen used.
The lump indicates that the antigen has been injected at the correct depth.
However, during the first few days to weeks of exposure to an antigen, there may be slight antibody production.
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