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Example sentences for antidote

Forgiveness is a powerful antidote and may relieve her suffering.
The perfect antidote to the overactive party machine.
Viewers in need of an antidote to holiday saccharine need look no further.
There is no antidote for the poison, only treatment for its effects.
Note these warnings: Carbon tetrachloride is potentially fatal and there is no antidote.
It's a fine antidote to students' inexperience.
The antidote is some purposeful downtime.
Doctors and medical texts have long advocated a simple antidote: a cup of Joe.
The right antidote is liberalism.
Thus, the distraction they offer demands the antidote of maximum concentration.
Each described the report as an antidote to skepticism about the benefits of the residential model in an age of online learning.
So these nitwits actually gave him an antidote to methanol.
The only reason only a third of the human race is supposed to die is due to the antidote.
They are touted as everything from disease fighters to memory protectors to the antidote to aging.
It illustrates the prime importance of accountability as an antidote to idiocy and excess.
As a reaction and antidote to white racism, melanism is understandable.
Deposit insurance is a standard antidote to bank runs and is typically financed by a levy on deposit-takers.
Mountains provide an antidote to modern life and its dreary preoccupation with maximising comfort and minimising risk.
Services, in one sense, are the antidote to labour-saving manufacturing-led growth.
High doses are an antidote for cyanide poisoning, but they're also toxic.
They're the perfect antidote to the baffling binary of a switch.
The antidote to slower growth and shrinking margins: take your act on the road.
Money becomes the antidote to a perceived sense of insufficiency.
It is a public service, vending a surprisingly effective antidote to the tumult of air travel.
If the ruling family does not know the antidote to this trend, they remain keenly aware of the risks.

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