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He has managed to avoid teenage antics in residence halls, since.
By contrast, those studying the proteome have been self-effacing, which is why the news is not full of their antics.
Between the courtroom antics of lawyers, witnesses and jurors, reason doesn't always prevail in our legal system.
Secular believers and nonbelievers had better understand their antics and resolve.
One big no-no is damaging the brand with playboy antics.
The antics of the cubs and the show of affection by the lionesses was amazing to watch up close.
The group moves rapidly through a slew of creative antics.
My usual antics of having them write about the material for discussion use is not working.
Their antics set the treetops in motion, shaking and swaying along the shore as if they had sprung to life.
The idea was that you'd draw attention to yourself with your outrage and your outrageous antics.
It seems to be a dictatorship-but officials semi-privately hint at their distaste for their leader's antics.
Went out for drinks and such tonight and had a group chuckle about the antics of the hiring committee.
Being a lawyer makes a judge partial to a lawyers antics.
It's the smile of a patient schoolmarm familiar with the antics of rowdy students.
All our critters get names for reasons related to personal affinities and animal antics.
They were afraid of him, although they doubtless watched his antics with a fearful joy.
They are describing and commenting on their various antics at the party.
But younger performers came to see his antics as offensive.
Because some of the antics are really ridiculous, you know.
Unfortunately, brain cells seem an improbable locale for quantum mechanical antics.
We have a twenty month golden retriever, full of energy and life and funny antics.
They sit around in the coffee shop drinking tea and chuckling over the antics of the reporters.
Even if you're not the one playing, the constant barrage of oddball antics are instantly inviting and attention grabbing.
As a candidate, he toned down his antics and swapped his padded bras for bespoke suits.
The point of such antics, if true, was not exactly clear.
It is a low-income neighborhood, but the antics of the addicts were as unpopular there as they had been in ch√Ęteau country.
Everyone has been in the stands when alcohol-fueled antics made fans uncomfortable.
Killer whales leap high into the air and dolphins entertain the crowds with their antics.
The prospective jurors could observe his antics on a two-way closed circuit television monitor, the newspaper says.
They were apparently expressing their disapproval at his off-court antics.
Birds lift our spirits with their powers of flight, brilliant feathers, captivating songs and appealing antics.
Winter guests delight in the antics of the bald eagles which find this area favorable.
Otters are playful, and people enjoy watching their antics.
Not to be outdone are the antics of our amphibian friends.
Many visitors witnessed their arrival, growth, and youthful antics.
In spring the males' courtship antics consist of flying in a circular path that gradually tightens into lesser diameter circles.
In many instances, however, any disturbance is offset by the pleasing antics of these alert animals.
Eye-catching breeding plumage and the delightful antics of their courtship rituals make them engaging.
Both of them took off and flew directly over us, providing a wonderful show with their antics.
Their calls and antics frighten and disperse the remainder of the flock.
Historical figures of the time logged the storm's antics.
These antics are intended to suggest that all three characters are urbane patricians, filled with charm and worldly wisdom.

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