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So much effort is spent on presentation, however, that taste is sometimes an anticlimax to the look.
After this gruesome tale the easing of the siege comes as an anticlimax.
My first encounter with higher dimensions was somewhat of an anticlimax.
Despite the anticlimax of the landing efforts, diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis seemed to move forward.
The principal reason for this welcome anticlimax was the margin of victory, so large that no one could argue with it.
After this buildup, the action proposed is anticlimax.
The verdict was the latest anticlimax in what has been a disappointing summer for rubberneckers.
But now his formal announcement of his candidacy, which is expected any day, is bound to be an anticlimax.
After the fear and panic of the past two years, that may come almost as an anticlimax.
So there's this weird sort of anticlimax that they live with.
Having said that, you could have used a sentence in there to hint at the anticlimax.
What had seemed a melancholy happening, now seemed a tiresome anticlimax.
Anything less than genius would be viewed as anticlimax.
For me, though, the climax has always been the anticlimax.
Where one gesture would suffice, she adds a dozen and fills her pieces with one anticlimax after another.
His recourse to a kind of unresolved and implausible mystery leaves the reader with a sense of incompleteness, anticlimax.
After several days, there are feelings of both anticlimax and anxiety.
Both mileposts, to be sure, were followed by their share of anticlimax and disbelief.
After the examination of the canyon, the rest was anticlimax.
As any seasoned performer will tell you, never overplay an anticlimax.

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