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Example sentences for anticipation

If you don't feel a sense of anticipation, perhaps you should decline.
Three snowy egret chicks look to their mom in eager anticipation of her attention and their next meal.
Like a soap opera, this story is more anticipation than immediate action.
It is a four-cent stamp, issued in anticipation of a rise in postal rates.
Spitting cobras use quick reaction and anticipation to attempt to blind targets with venom.
But tonight, go to bed with images of sugar plums dancing in your head and revel in the sweet gift of excited anticipation.
Planning creates anticipation, and of all the factors in life which yield pleasure few can surpass anticipation.
After years of anticipation, the Neanderthal genome has been sequenced.
But at this time of year, many parents of college-bound students approach their mailboxes with great anticipation.
Yesterday people slept and read their books, but now the air is filled with anticipation.
But what's even more alarming is how keyed up people were-whether climbers or incorrigible nerds-in anticipation of the feat.
Of all those who for hours stood there in hungry anticipation, comparatively few obtained a dinner.
It is about the end of the last ice age and it probably bears upon anticipation of the next one.
As the moment stretched, the silence of anticipation filled the room.
If they had the anticipation of the reaction to their paper would have been anything but boring.
It's always done with fear and anticipation, since when you get a bad one it can be pretty devastating.
In anticipation of the layoffs, students and faculty and staff members held a candlelight vigil last week.
And then, while my mouth was watering in anticipation, there was a click and the door stood open.
Accounts of similar animal anticipation of earthquakes have surfaced across the centuries since.
Recently the anticipation intensified with the discovery of a richly decorated canine skeleton near a sealed entrance.
He plays his designated role in turn: wagging his tail, rolling on his back, panting eagerly in anticipation of attention.
Experts say anticipation and law-enforcement planning can help control riot situations.
Accounts of animal anticipation of earthquakes have surfaced across the centuries.
The barefoot magician twirls a rope around a volunteer's neck, and the audience hushes in anticipation.
The summer rains have the function of recharging the groundwater aquifer-of priming the system in anticipation of the flood.
But in anticipation of the visit, it's important to critically examine how to proceed from here.
They do not spend in anticipation of an increased budget, and will start finding places to make room in the budget.
No other kind of film offers that same mysterious anticipation as you head into a darkened auditorium.
The current stage of anxious anticipation is still an early one.
Dot stared at it furiously, her mind a blur of anticipation.
Even anticipation of this test was enough to cause some applicants to fall apart.
All the anticipation and expense creates high expectations, which in turn create pressure for everything to go well.
And because of the anticipation on both sides, something did happen.
Having brought yourself to that glum anticipation, ponder your choices.
The anticipation is an important part of the publicity surrounding the proposed new building.
Fans of the dark comic will feel the frissons of anticipation-Bong's films suggest he will make this into something beautiful.
The boys set their cars at the top of the ramp and the children at the low straightaway look up in anticipation.
Repeatedly it has been called a ghost town, in anticipation of its necessary end.
He has socked away millions in his campaign treasury in anticipation of a tough fight.
The anticipation of the upcoming nuptials is overwhelming.
After the initial commotion over green mangoes, a kind of truce would begin, a time of quiet anticipation.
Her tilted eyes were nearly closed in the bliss of anticipation.
Anticipation also grew with news of a novel begun nearly thirty years ago that has been under contract at three publishing houses.
And all the while, driven on by an anticipation of pleasure.
Then the drum-beat of anticipation ended in a clash of publicity's cymbals.
Rather than paving the way for lower interest rates, the oil price may have dropped in anticipation of higher ones.
The contest has been held in anticipation of a new era of pylon building.
The market set, is mainly affected by the investor's psychological anticipation.
Thus, this anticipation is controlled by themselves.
The first is that commodity prices are rising in anticipation of a robust world recovery.
The optimistic view is that firms are saving now in anticipation of better times ahead.
Don't overlook the fact that anticipation can be part of the experience.
Many shippers have expanded their operations in anticipation of a global boom.
Some lessons learnt in anticipation of the millennium-bug disaster that did not happen will be revived.
Short-term interest rates were low and longer-term rates high, in anticipation of the economy reaching full strength.
Countries may sometimes behave as though they are members even when they are not, in anticipation of joining.
As for scientists' anticipation, let's be cautious about that.
Water heaters and air-conditioners might stock up on heat or cold in anticipation of such shutdowns.
Energy will burn away, and the winter of our dimension will settle in without anticipation of thaw or awakening.
Sure enough, many of the cells throttled back right on the hour in anticipation of another bout of cold weather.
Still, it's a shiny new phone with lots of buzz and anticipation surrounding the release.
Great guy, you could tell he was proud and full of anticipation.
Megan waited patiently, her eyes full of anticipation.
Many believed her, giving up their livelihoods, possessions and loved ones in anticipation of their alien saviours.
We are moving from a society desirous of instant gratification to a society of instant anticipation.
When excitement and anticipation are this high, however, confusion is bound to follow.
The look on their faces isn't simply one of joy and anticipation.
Vacant space tends to remain vacant, in anticipation of an upswing.
Anticipation was obvious in people's faces, and the talk became a sort of nervous undertone.
Some of the reductions you may see will be out of anticipation that revenue will be lower next year than it was the previous year.
On the way to the target area, the anticipation is out of control.
The tone is conversational, and the story unfolds a little bit at a time, building anticipation.
Kodak's stock rose accordingly in anticipation of a white knight around the corner.
Some of the state's best wrestlers dialed things up over the weekend in anticipation of the upcoming state series.
He was a meat-eating, knuckle-dragging gladiator, and the company was frothing with anticipation at the clash.
Apparently, a number of dates have been penciled in the royal calendar in anticipation of an engagement announcement.
Speculators piled in, selling short in anticipation of the event.
But as pundits on both coasts waited in anticipation, a funny thing happened.
Indeed, gold prices might be rising in anticipation of the normal holiday buying season.
One sign: energy-related stock prices have been rising in greedy anticipation.
Anticipation in the legal community was no less fevered, with dozens of parties filing briefs on both sides.
But instead of giddy anticipation, its impoverished tribes are bracing for violent conflict over oil resources.
Authorizes the issuance of tax-anticipation notes and revenue-anticipation notes.

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