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When that next puff does come, these antibodies intercept the nicotine molecules before they cross into the brain.
Those initial speculations were confirmed by applying antibodies to the tissue that are known to react with proteins.
Adult cobras are milked every few weeks, and small doses of venom are injected into horses, which develop antibodies to it.
The immune system works, in part, by making antibodies that are specific to particular sorts of hostile molecule.
Whether it protects sheep has not yet been tested, although it certainly causes them to produce the appropriate antibodies.
They found that it released antibodies to fight those viruses in exactly the way that natural marrow would.
But, if you are infected with a flu virus whose surface proteins have changed, your antibodies won't recognize them fully.
Those antibodies can be helpful in fighting off future bouts of that year's flu.
The antibodies generated in that process protect them against future infection.
By obliterating antibodies, proteins produced by our immune systems, the molecular machine could also reduce inflammation.
But antibodies are large molecules, expensive to manufacture and tricky to maintain, requiring refrigerated storage.
On one of the four light-guiding channels, the researchers attach antibodies that bind to the virus.
The first is biochemical: trapping the cells using antibodies that bond to them.
Then they attached monoclonal antibodies that link to proteins prevalent in cancer cells, enabling targeted drug delivery.
The researchers coat the surface of the wire with antibodies that will stick to the target protein but not to other molecules.
As people age, their weakened immune systems can't always generate enough immune cells and antibodies to protect them.
Since human cells don't make this sugar, the immune system produces antibodies against it and kills all cells bearing it.
But sometimes would-be donors don't work out because their blood types or antibodies aren't a good match.
When a new, potentially harmful microbe enters the body, the immune system provides defense against it in the form of antibodies.
Alone or combined with older chemotherapy treatments, these antibodies can seal up fistulas and achieve impressive remissions.
It's easier and faster to look for antibodies, telltale proteins churned out by the body in response to invading viruses.
If you've got animal proteins in a sample somewhere, you can use antibodies to detect it.
Sending in antibodies that perched on the molecule and kept protozoa from engaging with it also worked.
In fact, at birth the lion cubs do not even harbor antibodies to the virus.
The antibodies are used to produce vaccines to prevent acquisition of the damaging effects of influenza.
The virus has found ways to protect itself-particularly against antibodies-almost completely.
He will dissolve samples of the coprolite in a buffer solution and then add antibodies that recognize myoglobin.
Glowing antibodies identify substances found only in growing cells.
They even managed to see these molecules under the microscopy by using glowing antibodies designed to find and stick to them.
Many of us are lucky to have inherited antibodies to prions.
Ultimately, antibodies raised against a vaccine will hugely outnumber the original dose of vaccine.
It is exactly how it is to be tackled that has caused the natural antibodies of skepticism to rise up.
Some people have immune problems that prevent it, others simply don't pick up the antibodies within the vaccine.
They could become super-efficient producers of monoclonal antibodies, which are being used for disease diagnosis and treatment.
Serology is a blood test to detect the presence of antibodies against a microorganism.
Lupus anticoagulants are antibodies against substances in the lining of cells that prevent blood clotting in a test tube.
Immunofluorescence is a laboratory technique to identify specific antibodies or antigens.
If other blood cells enter your body, your immune system may make antibodies again them.
In the laboratory, antibodies that have been chemically linked to a fluorescent dye are added to the sample.
Plasma cells help your body fight infection by producing proteins called antibodies.
Antibodies are immune factors that target specific foreign invaders.
Sometimes, when the body reacts to an infection, antibodies are made that have nothing to do with the germ.
The immune system produces antibodies that destroy these harmful substances.
Immune cells and antibodies are not able to reach the cornea to cause rejection.
Immune hemolytic anemia occurs when antibodies form against the body's own red blood cells.
Patients who cannot be vaccinated but who are exposed to chickenpox receive immune globulin antibodies against varicella virus.
Antibodies then develop against the red blood cells.
The antibodies attach to red blood cells and cause them to break down too early.
The next time you take the drug, an immune response occurs, and your body produces antibodies and histamine.
The exposure would prompt the body's immune system to raise its own disease-fighting antibodies to destroy the protein.
The more tumor cells there are-and the more rapidly they're dividing and proliferating-the more antibodies are needed.
First comes an onslaught of antibodies soon after any familiar virus is detected in the bloodstream.
In rheumatoid arthritis, these cells produce abnormal antibodies called rheumatoid factors.
And scientists have removed existing plaques in mice by applying anti-plaque antibodies directly to the animals' brains.
If a viable virus presents itself later, the antibodies signal immune-system cells, which engulf the invader.

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