anthropomorphic in a sentence

Example sentences for anthropomorphic

Reversing the anthropomorphic process, the musical prides itself on how cleverly people can be made into objects.
The slender hands and feet and long eyelashes of these anthropomorphic mice help make their mannerisms believable.
Your article has a gently poetic cast, with an anthropomorphic undertone.
They left behind palace remnants, distinctive pottery and art with anthropomorphic jaguar motifs.
The anthropomorphic nature of this argument is extremely suspect.
Too often books about pet species are larded with anthropomorphic sentimentality.
It will track the adventures of a father and his two sons who navigate a world populated by anthropomorphic dinosaurs.
This prolix tale of an anthropomorphic armchair with a penchant for cheese puffs labors hard for little comedy.
Surely you can write about that without using anthropomorphic language.
For example, inside a raven mask are the faces of a whale and an anthropomorphic being with a beaklike nose.
Oh, yes of course, for the conspirators who want to make us believe that anthropomorphic climate change exists.
When conatus in physics became kinetic energy and momentum, physics ceased to be anthropomorphic.
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