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Langdon's colleagues often joked that his place looked more like an anthropology museum than a home.
His record of the trip is rich in anthropology and science.
Marketing is now an applied science that encompasses sociology, psychology, and anthropology.
The theme of change is woven into science programs from anthropology to geophysics.
You can reserve the brain/brawn discussion for the anthropology class.
Though his style is bland, the author draws on disciplines from anthropology to history and ecology to offer intriguing insights.
Her mixture of science, cultural anthropology and culinary imagination are intoxicating, making this a crucial work on the topic.
The latest physical anthropology research indicates that the human evolutionary line never went through a knuckle-walking phase.
The photographs, though often beautiful, are more fascinating as anthropology than as individual works of art.
It is but a step from that to anthropology-the last romance of all.
But through this anthropology a much grander project emerges.
On that note he took me around the vast building, concentrating on anthropology, his own area.
Ties between anthropology and the military are old ones.
Part of the point of anthropology is to try and understand the causes and consequences of human variation.
Anthropology as a science ought to be able to answer such a straightforward question.
At the present time, many technical criticisms of sociobiology have come from within anthropology and biology.
But her father's discipline, anthropology, deserves special mention.
He decided against an internship, and is back in place as a professor of anthropology, evidently content.
To deny this fact of sociology and anthropology is to act as a fool.
There's a dictum in anthropology that the observer changes the behavior of the observed.

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History is, strictly speaking, the study of questions; the study of answers belongs to anthropology and soc... more
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