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What is needed is a perceptive approach by trained anthropologists in every area, cooperating with mushroom specialists.
Like an anthropologist, she does field research.
They needed a forensic anthropologist to examine some bones and to help with a case.
Her vivid descriptions of Xhosa customs unfold not as an anthropologist's field study but as a memory etched from experience.
Cultures are the subject matter of the studies of sociologists and anthropologists.
Trained as an anthropologist, she realized he simply wasn't the person to negotiate business deals.
The anthropologist and physician talks about how our understanding of child development will change.
The book is written with the technical precision, and in the language, of the professional anthropologist.
Alden, an anthropologist and archaeologist, has long been fascinated by 19th-century social history.
Some anthropologists say this may have developed into the act of laughter.

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