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Various anthropological and archaeological addresses.
It's misguided cultural anthropological fascinations that allow for children all over the world to continue to be harmed.
Anthropological inquiry has uncovered flood recall among all different cultures around the world.
The sheer volume of historical, anthropological, and narrative detail available to the public about the genocide is staggering.
If a listener has to do explicit anthropological work, that interferes with the easy digestion of pop.
The process first requires the identification of anthropological questions of importance.
Anthropological studies confirmed the presence of only two individuals among the remains.
Information on all these subjects is available in the anthropological literature.
It's been disproved as a legitimate term for nearly two decades in cultural anthropological circles.
The different life forms described in the book in detail resemble the anthropological findings.
The original article completely overlooked the anthropological angle.
Bonobos act as if they have never heard of the killer ape theory that remains popular in anthropological circles.
Her broad anthropological and social conclusions, however, can sometimes be tendentious.
That's the main way that this whole anthropological excursion makes sense.
It may have some anthropological value but it is seldom entertaining.
Race as an anthropological category has been criticised for several decades.
The anthropological record shows that increased population led to specialization.
Even so, the anthropological significance of the park makes it more than worth a visit.
The museum, on the south end of downtown, includes one of the world's largest anthropological exhibits.
Topics include the author's work in collaborative research, and the anthropological study of the biological sciences.
For example, students might read anthropological texts and learn about how different societies view the role of the family.
These categories are socio-political constructs and should not be interpreted as being scientific or anthropological in nature.
Most of the anthropological references cite sociological practices not evolutionary biology.
The great problem of anthropological literature is, of course, that often it lacks any sense of time at all.
Lewis has gradually become the foremost anthropological student of those who are wretched.
Finley put it firmly in a familiar anthropological context.
But maybe there is some anthropological reason monkeys are always funny.
Stories about how check cashing places exploit the lower orders often have an anthropological feel.
Why this would be is rather obvious from a historical and anthropological viewpoint.
Anthropological data indicates children are weaned by their third birthday in foraging societies.

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