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People still believe in anthropogenic climate change.
Human-caused global warming is often called anthropogenic climate change.
The idea that anthropogenic climate change might cause a war or two sometime in the future is not new.
Decades of scientific research have shown that climate can change from both natural and anthropogenic causes.
So please cool it with exaggerated claims of anthropogenic climate change.
Anthropogenic climate change poses a serious threat to coral reefs around the world.
Consider how effectively they have promoted skepticism about evolution and the anthropogenic causes of climate change.
The three major anthropogenic sources of methane are coal mines, landfills and livestock.
As appears to have happened with the anthropogenic global warming cult.
Global warming is an environmental phenomenon caused by natural and anthropogenic air pollution.
Anthropogenic global warming was created by funding derived from those who have agendas.
The science behind anthropogenic climate change is shoddy.
No, it means that the process of global warming is full or positive feedbacks that amplify the anthropogenic effect.
Today, more and more people are opening their eyes in shock to the nature of anthropogenic climate change.
The rest is the anthropogenic effect plus feedbacks.
The anthropogenic global warming deniers are unethical in their willful ignorance.
Climate scientists understand that the affects of anthropogenic warming are superimposed on natural variability.
Anyone who is still defending anthropogenic global warming as a risk is not worth reading.
Science will eventually take the day, it always does: the planet is warming due to anthropogenic factors.
Anthropogenic climate change is almost certainly unavoidable.
The evidence for an anthropogenic cause is nearly absent.
To limit anyone's right to reproduce on the basis of anthropogenic global warming theory would be absurd.
At the same time, still more peer-reviewed science came out showing that the anthropogenic warming signal is unmistakable.
Yet, he is always the example cited by skeptics of someone who doubts anthropogenic global warming.
So it seems fairly well accepted that there is some level of anthropogenic warming.
The people who do have no doubt that the changes in climate are anthropogenic.
My ultimate opinion is that there is no proof of anthropogenic climate change.
Anthropogenic fire is the human use of fire as a tool.
Coral reef threats, both natural and anthropogenic, also are explored.
Resolving natural and anthropogenic sources of solutes to a watershed from historic mining.
Natural sources and sinks far exceed anthropogenic efforts.
But at the moment it is not unreasonable to say, let's not bet the farm on anthropogenic warming.
To state that there is no anthropogenic influence on tropical cyclones is not only premature, it is unsupported by the data.
So does the position held by those who deny anthropogenic global warming.
In other words, if all you knew was the above, being skeptical of anthropogenic global warming would be perfectly reasonable.
There are more disciplines than that involved in the study of anthropogenic climate change.
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