anthropocentric in a sentence

Example sentences for anthropocentric

You're right in the sense that civilization is anthropocentric.
Yet, environmentalists also tended toward the anthropocentric.
Only an egocentric, anthropocentric human could find a way to believe that their species is the only one that really matters.
These reasons for protecting biodiversity are practical and anthropocentric.
Absolutely but within the context of an anthropocentric approach.
But science has shown us several times how our anthropocentric world view was flat out wrong.
They think they own evolution, but they're basically anthropocentric zoologists.
Finally, going back to the distinction between types of selection, the whole argument is necessarily anthropocentric.
Humans certainly seem more complex than plants, but this might be an illusion or due to anthropocentric bias.
It is anthropocentric and egocentric, and in principle mostly exclusive, to define life around consciousness of a few species.
Both want control of the evolutionary process to be in some paternal, anthropocentric hand.
Your list reflected a rather anthropocentric view of the scientific world.
To manage implies stewardship which implies an anthropocentric world view.
Valuing ecological and anthropocentric concepts of biodiversity: a choice experiments application.
Indeed, such aesthetic or moral values do fit within the anthropocentric realm.
Further, the concept of manipulation seems anthropocentric.
It is anthropocentric in the sense that people provide the basis for how economic value is derived.
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