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Some mice may be better prepared for anthrax attacks than others, a new study reveals.
Nurse sharks may help detect-and treat-anthrax and other infectious diseases.
We have thousands of gallons of anthrax still unaccounted for.
Car bombers, plutonium merchants, anthrax production and invisible threats to infrastructure are no longer fantasy.
Officials will not say what is being made exactly, but anthrax has been mentioned.
There, concern focuses not on the war but on the confused official reaction to the anthrax outbreak.
Anthrax can be treated in early stages with antibiotics developed for more common infections.
The subject, as the programmer typed on his keyboard, was anthrax.
These hybrid materials will now be applied as a coating to fabric, thereby trapping and killing deadly agents such as anthrax.
They quickly developed a shoebox-sized prototype capable of detecting toxins, including ricin and anthrax.
That's because squalene was never added to the anthrax vaccine in the first place.
Ten years ago, letters laced with anthrax killed five people.
They eventually focused on aluminum used as the adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine.
Anthrax is a potential agent for use as a biological weapon or for bioterrorism.
And an antibody probe for, say, anthrax needs to make a match with the exact strain of the specific bacterium it is targeting.
The outbreak of anthrax incidents has focused new awareness on potential misuses of biotechnology.
Spreading anthrax by air would seem to be a relatively easy task as well.
For everyone worried about anthrax, a little perspective, please.
Perhaps and, perhaps more important, it means warding off symptoms that might be confused with anthrax infection.
Because anthrax is rarely contagious, the exposures to the bacteria have been well contained.
Anthrax is a disease caused by bacteria that form spores.
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