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Example sentences for anthology

Some of the pieces, like his rumination on romantic movies, fit perfectly in a pop-culture anthology.
All-new anthology miniseries boasts a creative cast of today's top comic book talent.
It's an anthology of "geeky" short stories.
It is an anthology of his essays and book reviews spanning the past quarter-century.
The new show will be a half-hour dramatic anthology, one of the most ambitious of this species ever to hit the air.
All the innocence and daring of youth are elegantly captured in this heartfelt anthology of brilliant voices from 22 countries.
In effect the show is an anthology and can be enjoyed for its sheer abundance of major works.
In this anthology of fiction, contemporary writers react against the superficial, sometimes perverse trends of modern life.
This new anthology includes two novels and one story collection.
The anthology was a grand collaboration in more ways than one.
With such riches to choose from, you might think it would be a snap to put a bunch of blogs into a book and call it an anthology.
Generative grammar has spawned a sizable anthology industry.
But producers thought he was perfect for the anthology genre, which was still struggling to gain traction with audiences.
Elsewhere in the anthology, a murderer is himself dissected by blasé organ harvesters.
These activities are included in the students' anthology.

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... the most grandiose result of the photographic enterprise is to give us the sense that we can hold the whole world in... more
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