anthill in a sentence

Example sentences for anthill

Again, try to trace the path of one ant, and time it to see how long it takes for it to go from the anthill to the food source.
The anteater uses its sharp claws to tear an opening into an anthill and put its long snout and efficient tongue to work.
Sometimes when the chief clerk was away or asleep he walked to the window and looked down on the vast anthill activity.
Thousands and thousands of them ran back and forth between a tall anthill on one side and whatever they were doing on the other.
In several large crowd scenes, it slowly draws back to coolly contemplate the human anthill below.
Red couches are set up in intimate arrangements on platforms overlooking the busy anthill below: a good meeting point.
Delighted, he toils to take it to the anthill so that the community can enjoy it, too.
Watch ants in an anthill or around some spilled food.
The anthill is an ever-changing architectural structure.
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