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Example sentences for anteroom

In an anteroom with a water-stained ceiling, people have asked where the remains of their loved ones were found.
In the anteroom before going into the show, there were a lot of displays to browse.
Status is demonstrated by a private bathroom and an anteroom with two secretaries.
They said they preferred to stay in the anteroom and talk about television.
The anteroom of the former mansion here features a niche at each corner.
The judge then dismissed the jury and the lawyers and judge adjourned to an anteroom.
After the show the band retired to an anteroom upstairs.
We walk up the concrete stairs to a little anteroom on the next floor.
Two staff members moved the body to an isolation anteroom adjacent to trauma one.
He was taken by the elbows and squired away into an anteroom behind the stage.
Head covers, shoe covers, and overalls must be changed within the anteroom each time the worker exists the work area.
We recommend an anteroom be constructed between the cold vault and outside ambient conditions.
The anteroom should be available for the decontamination of supplies and equipment, and donning of protective apparel.

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The people we keep standing in the anteroom of our favor either start fermenting or turn sour.... more
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