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In a curious predator-prey role reversal, the pronghorn antelope pursued a coyote across a knoll.
She will be gripping a stone tool and lumbering along with a dead antelope on her back.
Wild life abounds, with some of the largest antelope herds in the world.
It's the only site in the region decorated with images of sheep, along with antelope and ibex.
They were the remains, it seems, of an australopithecine meal of three-toed-horse steak and antelope tongue.
Make an antelope put its neck out for high-growing leaves, and its distant descendants will be giraffes.
Animals such as deer and antelope also shun tamarisk thickets, which block their access to the river and may conceal predators.
Let's not forget that pythons are entirely capable of eating and swallowing antelope and other large, horned animals.
For instance, antelope pursued by hungry cheetahs often leap acrobatically straight into the air, a practice called stotting.
The environment was patchy, with a watering hole here and an antelope herd there, but no uniformity or predictability.
The change could affect livestock and other grazers-certainly the deer and the antelope will have fewer places to play.
Instead of swooping through the sky searching for insects, this bird catches a ride aboard large animals from antelope to zebras.
They are also working with banteng and antelope species.
Soon we'll stop to bushwhack our way deeper into the forest to hunt for duiker, a type of small antelope.
Pronghorns, popularly called antelope, will race anything-including helicopters.
Each year they open their land for guided deer, antelope and elk hunts.
Antelope and sheep fences, preliminary report of study.
Except for waterfowl hunting and a limited antelope hunt, the refuge is closed to all public entry.

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