antecedents in a sentence

Example sentences for antecedents

In it, she finds her father's biography and her own antecedents.
The megafaunal extinctions of the last 50000 years appear to have no antecedents.
The big disagreement problem, it appears, is in pronouns and antecedents.
Blogs and the reasons they exist have historical antecedents.
Its antecedents lie in pre-war periods of technological innovation.
Gilman's literary antecedents are intriguingly diverse.
Rant videos can be seen as borrowing conventions from their 17th-century antecedents.
But the story of its antecedents has acquired a drama all its own.
Then, with attention to the artists in that school comes recognition of their influences, their antecedents and their mentors.
For one thing, it has unusual international antecedents.
Many electrical devices now taken for granted had human-powered antecedents that date to only a generation ago.
It had long antecedents with clear environmental causes.

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