antecedent in a sentence

Example sentences for antecedent

It's fairly common to write a sequel, but not so common to write an antecedent.
Somewhat more thoughtful than its well-loved antecedent, this boldly drawn novel is no less commanding.
The only way to avoid a recession is to restrain the antecedent boom.
Also, the pronouns in the second sentence do not agree in number with their antecedent.
The opportunities for the poor are restricted not only by antecedent poverty but also by two types of structural faults.
Weber's mature stage works had no true antecedent.
It seems the antecedent and the precedent of your sentence are unrelated.
We don't have an antecedent to determine what the authors had in mind.
That's fine, too, except that the scene has no antecedent.
The recent restoration of parks has a historical antecedent in Hartford.
Few understand the antecedent legal substratum or its evolution.
Being smart, it seems, is a necessary antecedent to freedom.
He argues that the severance payment is not, under law, a payment on an antecedent debt and therefore cannot be a preference.

Famous quotes containing the word antecedent

There is a species of scepticism antecedent to all study and philosophy, which is much inculcated by Descar... more
The great Christian drama of the Passion cannot be tragic because the perfection of Jesus eliminates hybris or any short... more
Far from being antecedent principles that animate the process, law, language, truth are but abstract names ... more
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