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Potter noted, however, that more effective and easier-to-use carpenter ant treatments have recently emerged on the market.
Ant experts have recently been waging a war against all types of species subdivision.
The ant then drags her booty home to a nest in the rain forest leaf litter composed of only a dozen or so workers and their queen.
First ant species with a mostly mushroom diet uncovered by researchers.
Ant birds keep guard over a bustling ant highway, and a land crab scuttles out of the way of our plodding feet.
It's not a bird or a plane, but it is an ant the size of a hummingbird.
In conducting their study, the researchers presented elephants with tree branches from the ant tree but without ants.
That's the scale of army ant operations when they're attacking a tarantula or scorpion.
In the wild, ant scouts deposit pheromones along the trails between food and the nest.
Parasitic wasps dive-bomb ants, injecting their eggs into ant bodies.
Lemon ant trees occupied by other ant species, or by no ants, always had other plants growing nearby.
First, the momma fly injects her eggs into the body cavity of the ant host.
Some ant species are colonized by a parasitic fungus that turns them into zombie vehicles for spore dispersal.
Attached to my skin was a giant ant the size of my toenail.
The view of the ordinary traveler is as inadequate as that of an ant crawling over a magnificent rug.
In the last stage, the ant directed its glide toward the tree.
Besides, if you leave it lying near your back door, you can use it as bait to replenish your ant colony.
Babies are smaller than an ant and can live up to a year without blood.
She regularly encountered groups of four or five chimps pushing sticks into underground ant nests.
These netlike veggies are dotted with tiny traps, often no wider than an ant is long.
If you think about it, an ant colony works this way.
In other words, an ant's tendency to turn towards a pheromone deposit is related in a non-linear fashion to the concentration.
The using of postman's trips is basically a variant of the ant colony solution.
By ant colony conventions, worker ants are supposed to give up procreating themselves in favor of taking care of the queen's eggs.
Worse, it doesn't watch for the ant as do local species.
Their mouth became finely adapted for shooting a long tongue forward into ant nests.
Biomes were overrun by an ant species that wasn't supposed to be there.
Someday each of them may be as smart as an ant, dissolved into our habitat.
But they were as few and far between as a pair of honeydew-secreting aphid rectums hidden in the world's largest ant colony.
Its shrewd computer animators have great fun seeing the world from an ant's-eye point of view.
The egg grows and the resulting larva generally migrates to the ant's head.
Pincers poised and eyes gleaming, a bulldog ant surveys its surroundings.
It uses a similar technique to raid underground ant nests.

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Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.... more
Turn on the prudent ant thy heedful eyes, Observe her labours, sluggard, and be wise.... more
Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways, and be wise. Without having any chief or officer or ruler,... more
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