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Being responsible and answerable for actions or inactions of self or others in the context of delegation.
The question, she says, is less answerable than endlessly discussable.
We need to come up with oversight that is not directly tied to the industry and answerable to the people.
They now belong to a different guild, are answerable to different requirements and have different objectives.
The program's director, answerable to this dean, is its only tenure-stream faculty.
Each flagship is independent and answerable to no one.
The true criterion for communicating a scientific concept must be answerable to questions of transparency and honesty.
These were not questions that cosmologists considered answerable.
He's not answerable to the irrational demands of an ideology he doesn't share.
The people's government made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people.
More often than not the combatants have seldom been answerable to a political structure, let alone a government.
If you are serious about it, you will end up dealing with questions that will not be answerable using language.
Now policymakers are responsive to the money at the top but answerable, ultimately, to the voters.
It was available to all interpretations and answerable to none.
Children were more likely to change a response to an unanswerable question than to an answerable question.
Your default will be answerable under penalty of law.
Under the terms of a bond, one party becomes answerable to a third party for the acts or neglect of a second party.
Develop searchable and answerable clinical questions.
By living locally and being elected, the corner is answerable to the people.
On the basis of the statutory provisions which are presently in effect, this question is clearly answerable in the affirmative.
Each chapter in the book concludes with a number of exercises, some easily answerable, others more open-ended.
The best approach to writing answerable questions is to keep them simple.
Find answers to general reference questions that are answerable from materials in the library's collections.

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