anon in a sentence

Example sentences for anon

And econ anon is right that you shouldn't give in to feelings of inadequacy.
In general, things are pretty much as econ anon says.
And it was created by a hive of anon moms who swarm to a challenge and type to the occasion.
The running spindle of my fate anon shall end his course.
Be gone, good ancient: this will grow to a brawl anon.
Then anon they heard cracking and crying of thunder, that them thought the place should all to drive.
It appears you have company in anon making grandiose statement of deep knowledge.

Famous quotes containing the word anon

Sir Walter, being strangely surprised and put out of his countenance at so great a table, gives his son a damned blow ov... more
If the quick spirits in your eye Now languish and anon must die;... more
And thou shalt kisse the relikes everychon, Ye, for a grote! Unbokele anon thy purs.'... more
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