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Example sentences for annuity

Risks are few, if you buy a fixed-rate annuity from a top-rated insurance company.
Deferred compensation and supplemental tax-sheltered annuity programs also available.
Indeed, you can go into the market any day and buy an individual pension called an annuity.
On-line is great for annuity revenue and eliminating the problems of limited shelf-space.
The technical word for the financial instrument that accomplishes this feat is an annuity.
So annuity rates or government bond yields are the appropriate measure for discounting liabilities.
Investors may soon hear a lot about an annuity that promises risk-free growth.
Benefits are linked to annuity rates, protecting both the scheme and the pensioners from annuity risk.
The principal from the mortgages is distributed in a series of lump sum payments or an annuity.
But companies that got into the variable annuity market early may suffer, because early pricing models were too optimistic.
Regulators are looking into annuity sales, so any prudent firm might be worried.
So annuity schemes are a natural supplement for retirement income.
Unfortunately, this private information is as hidden from economists as it is from the annuity company.
SS was to be the annuity of old age, but now it's called a handout.
The initial investment earns income that the issuing company uses to pay for the annuity payments.
At retirement, the money can be used to buy a private annuity that pays a fixed monthly stipend.
She could use that money to buy an annuity that would pay her an income she could live on until she died.
Schemes try to build up a capital pot, which is used to buy an income in retirement, for example in the form of an annuity.
Vanguard offers an annuity whose payments rise with inflation.
Another thing to consider is annuity contracts, which can be either fixed or variable annuities.
Such concerns have begun to focus more attention on an obscure insurance product called an immediate fixed annuity.
One investment that can meet these objectives is a pre-owned annuity.
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