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UK scientists are genetically modifying mosquitoes to be resistant to malaria, which kills millions annually.
Such maintenance produces eight billion gallons of used motor oil annually.
The penalty will increase annually based on the cost of living.
Increments are awarded annually until you reach the top of the scale.
By law the city's five-year fiscal plan must be balanced annually.
The disease, caused by the plasmodium parasite, infects hundreds of millions of people annually and kills nearly a million.
These reveal what species are in the canopy and how much it grows annually.
More people result in more demand for wood, which leads to cutting, perhaps in excess of the amount that grows annually.
Ask students to research the reasons that their state has few or many tornadoes annually.
There are more than four million surgical procedures performed annually worldwide.
In colder regions, dig annually and store as for gladiolus.
The sharks return annually to these same grounds, and the researchers return with them.
Hops rhizomes should be thinned annually to avoid excess plant growth the following year.
The cost of the initiatives sought by the coalition totals billions of dollars annually.
Ten feet of moisture falls out of the sky here annually.
The participants had their cognitive function tested annually for up to eight years.
In the second half of the twentieth century, the city grew at a rate of more than six per cent annually.
Worldwide, about a billion tires are sold annually, and eventually all get tossed.
Hundreds of animal and plant species are going extinct annually.
Large scale operational costs probably be in a range of couple dollars annually.
Organizations typically schedule these events annually or biannually.
With its presses running nonstop, the bureau prints billions of dollars in paper money and billions of postage stamps annually.
Although these fish crisscross the ocean, each stock returns annually to breed in its place of origin.
Vast amounts of time and skill are invested in video game design annually.
Additionally, cyber crime costs our national economy billions of dollars annually.
These sign a letter requesting disclosure, which will be sent annually to several hundred companies.
Both power-tower and trough-based systems are typically water-cooled, and require millions of gallons of water annually.
Smoke from coal power plants is taking a huge toll in lives, and is adding billions of dollars to our annually in health costs.
They cause riots, stampedes and millions in damages annually.
Estimates of losses range into many billions of dollars annually.
All articles are apparently reviewed annually by vets, and some are written by vets too.
Most life insurance companies allow you to pay premiums annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly.
Inspect all heating equipment annually, and clean as necessary.
Given annually, the honor awards recognize excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.
Still, research shows the lack of seat belt use continues to cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars annually.
For years the county annually mailed postcards to homes requiring homeowners to reaffirm they lived there.

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