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Most archeologists either don't care about tourism or they find it mildly annoying at best.
Most experienced web surfers will tell you that the most annoying aspects of life on the internet are pop-up ads and spam.
Nothing is more annoying than a tardy friend.
Although forgetting can be annoying, it sometimes helps us learn.
Yes, spam e-mail is getting even more annoying.
Children's music can be very annoying to adults, but since we love our kids we put up with it.
They have an annoying mini-infomercial trying to sell those things.
And at this time of year, many of us talk about annoying coughs about as often as we talk about the weather.
When you expect to see one thing but actually see another, it is annoying.
Even though she was sick, and going through annoying chemo, she never gave in.
Really, from my point of view, what you're doing is simply annoying.
So far as your interest is concerned, you might as well be brushing away annoying flies.
Hungry house cats use an annoying but irresistible combination of sounds when they want to be fed, a new study has found.
Have students interview their parents or other people about their experiences with annoying insects, such as mosquitoes and bees.
Although they couldn't make contact, the buzzing noise of these aerial bloodsuckers became quite annoying.
Social media went from being an annoying fad to an unavoidable part of the way many businesses work.
The problem with teapots is their annoying habit of dribbling, particularly at low rates of flow.
Ads appear around the periphery of profile pages, which some members may find annoying but they are not obtrusive.
With this the annoying epsilon-delta limit argument is replaced by simple algebra.
Most of that money is raised from listeners during those annoying pledge drives.
And, when sufficiently annoying, the sound may actually coerce them from bed to fill a food bowl.
Mosquitos are annoying, and they carry diseases, but they are ecologically irreplaceable.
What is annoying is when those who do not know pretend that they know or perhaps truly believe in their heart that they know.
Listening to these pieces can be irritating and annoying because there is a complete lack of familiarity.
Uninformed opinions are more than annoying to informed people.
Also, slightly annoying is the lack of simple maths equations in posts.
Probably because as annoying as you are, this is still more interesting than my taxes.
Everything is connected and someday one of the annoying species that's going to go extinct due to human activity with be us.
Mini-deadlines and friendly, but annoying colleagues seem to work for me.
It is annoying when the gooey stuff drains out of the crusty exterior.
Both are annoying, but you have to look at the return as more than zero, which is what you have if you don't ever sell.
Interesting article, but the second paragraph is really annoying.
It's been a decade of one annoying problem after another.
The only thing that is annoying is the lack of photo evidence.
It is incredibly annoying, but the main reason your proposal got rejected is that nobody really loved it.
It's always a bit annoying when one of those things is a part of a proof you thought you had completed, however.
The resulting novel is annoying, unconvincing and deeply perplexing.
He has worked similar gigs for cosmetics and liquor concerns, annoying some partygoers with his punk-rock predilections.
The online brokerage has no minimum investment, lets you invest any dollar amount and doesn't charge annoying inactivity fees.
Introverts may find this rude and annoying while extroverts may perceive introverts aloof and detached.
Her constant talk of food and her ridiculous grocery list won't be as annoying for the next few days since they won the challenge.
Anyone who travels discovers those annoying glitches and loopholes that make trips that much harder.
In the meantime, campers say, the problems have gotten annoying.
Many colleagues found this practice confusing or downright annoying.
Banking also has an annoying knack of turning today's genius into tomorrow's fool.
Many can also recite annoying jingles more readily than their times tables.
He has also cut unemployment benefits, annoying the unions.
It is really annoying when a founder names a website after him or herself.
It is shifting the presidency to the left, annoying centrist voters who worry about the swelling government debt.
Some firms reckon this would be an annoying distraction.
The keyboard is too annoying to do any real typing, and it's too big to lug around.
The onslaught of annoying commercials, banners and other junk is coming.
Slight pressure is not always enough to activate an icon and it can get annoying to keep pecking at it to elicit a response.
No need to read the rest of this piece-seriously, there's an annoying rant up ahead anyway.
Welcomed at the start, the clicks soon became annoying.
It's already annoying enough having to switch between keyboard and mouse.
For a limited time, you can make your new toy even more annoying by choosing the limited-edition glow-in-the-dark version.
As part of the questionnaire, residents were asked to identify specific types of ground noise that they found to be annoying.
Annoying or threatening phone calls should be reported the same way other crimes are reported.
The job he's been waiting for-marketing executive-would take him away from his beloved, but annoying, grandparents.
Nineteenth-century vice presidents had an annoying habit of dying in office.
Her style seems almost intentionally annoying: she screams on camera, her blue eyes practically bugging out of her head.
The weirdest part is that, despite how it sounds, he wasn't at all annoying.

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