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Example sentences for annoyance

Mobile phones are an acknowledged source of annoyance in public places.
Formulating a good working definition of annoyance is a persistent challenge for researchers.
My annoyance at have to fix things is much tempered by my joy at knowing the article has been accepted.
He kept rolling his eyes and huffing with annoyance.
Malware is only an annoyance for those who cannot think anymore.
Car engines, too, have been hushed to well below their annoyance levels.
Available now, for you to buy and use for five minutes before ripping them off in a fit of annoyance.
The additional annoyance engendered by our celebration is insignificant.
The fact that my condition got no better seemed to be more of an annoyance to them.
For those in the area with plane tickets or long drives scheduled, the unusual weather event was a major annoyance.
It's equal parts glorious invention and absurd annoyance.
The kids voiced their annoyance of having to type it in again.
But don't get so close that you become an annoyance.
That's not the reason for my annoyance, though it might make me a bit more likely to show it.
Each weekend brought fights, police visits and being a general annoyance to neighbors.
My second was annoyance that anyone would regard that as a controversial decision.
Considerable research was done on the precise nature of the annoyance, much of which bordered on the self-evident.
They could range from delighted acceptance to annoyance to envy to anger.
At good restaurants, the chef takes this as a challenge rather than as an annoyance.
Almost all users experience occasional rejection to the point that generates significant annoyance.
But undismayed by this new annoyance, he continued to tug at the trunk till it yielded to his efforts.
It puckered and wrinkled a little and could therefore express annoyance or a suppressed impulse to laugh, possibly both together.
Doing that manually would require lots of video editing and general annoyance.
Incessant beeping changes in tone and pitch for maximum annoyance.
Humans are pretty good at using context to decipher typos, though the annoyance quickly drains one's good will toward the author.
And the rest of us will no longer have to retype a sentence after accidentally engaging this vestigial annoyance.
He is not expressing regret as much as annoyance at his inability to get beyond his users' idiocy.
Another annoyance for the admitted students is that they have little bargaining power.
While market-diluting reprints might be merely an annoyance for collectors and dealers, fakes are a real problem.
Facial expression turns to confusion and, depending on the individual, annoyance or admiration if you decide to stay.
They're a severe annoyance to put up with on a personal level.
Virtually everyone has a cell phone, yet these little devices can cause a lot of annoyance when they are used in public.
The characters and the stories are currently virtually annoyance-free, and the performances are as strong as ever.
The resort's underground drainage system helps minimize the annoyance of mosquitoes.
He was going to be all right, and he knew it, even if his cramped expression belied his annoyance.
Virtually everyone has a cell phone, yet these little devices can cause a lot of annoyance when.
And the singer's annoyance led her to give a relatively perfunctory performance.
Annoyance at having to think about myself in order to answer these questions.
He was in howling agony-much to the annoyance of all the other clientele, who demand absolute discretion.
Few writers have made such profound art out of their annoyance with the demotic.
And people with visual problems may finally enjoy that quaint old astronomical annoyance, the twinkling of the stars.
However, the advantages can outweigh the initial annoyance and time spent.
My career trajectory changed not because of a flash of inspiration, but because of a growing sense of annoyance.
There are less degenerate ways to solve the problem of airplane noise, an annoyance rapidly evolving into a menace.
To the annoyance of a great many and the appreciation of a great many more, baseball takes some time to play.
Recorded music appears fleetingly as an intrusive annoyance.
That's why an election that started out as a mere annoyance may pull the curtain down on a political era.
Annoyance and malicious phone calls can become a chronic problem.

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